Eden Multifunctional Centre

RomaniaRomaniaCompany Name: Mamut Invest

Project description

Located in the town of Vetis, just 5 km away from Satu-Mare county, this cultural-multifunctional centre has been designed on the site of a former cement plant and later a metallic products plant, aiming at bringing poetry and classical, rock and disco music lovers together. Intended to preserve the initial industrial type design, this centre has been designed as a relaxing space, the Contractor adding an English pub and a pergola for hot summer sunny days. The major challenges were the acoustics, sound insulation and fire safety, thus finding the best balance between a relaxing space and an area for live concerts in a former cement plant.


Mamut Invest

Founded in 2013, currently with 80 employees, Mamut Invest is specialised in civil & industrial buildings, infrastructure and metallic roof elements.

Indoor air quality
Rigitone® Activ’Air
Fire protection
Glasroc® F Ridurit, ISOVER PLE
Acoustic insulation

Key Achievements

  • Good relationship and cooperation with the contractor, architect and Saint-Gobain team.
  • Optimization of each design phase given to the discussions with the Contractor and architect throughout the entire building process.
  • High level of aesthetics, acoustic comfort, safety and indoor air quality.

Key Challenges

Elaborate acoustic calculations for the three spaces: the large hall from the initial two separate wagon spaces plus the furnace (the current pub).
Setting the surfaces on which Rigitone ceilings were mounted.
Replacing the wood solution inside the furnace with acoustic ceilings.
Fire protections.
Mass calculations for the metal structure, poles, beams.
Uniting the two former asymmetric cement halls.


Building owner:
Matteo Bartollini
Main contractor:
Horvat Alexandru
Tiberiu Crisan
Saint-Gobain Team:
Willi Heisu, Nicolae Pacuraru, Laszlo Racz, Adrian Hirit