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Edificio emergencias 112

SpainSpainCompany Name: Mas Espacio 2010. S.L.L.

Project description

The project represents the values of the emergency services workers: The secret of success is to insist, persist, resist and never give up. Without any doubt, the most challenging item about this project was the creation of the suspended ceiling “Flor de la esperanza”, a complex geometric design that represents the hope that all the workers and emergency services transmit to the society with their labor in a 280 sqm room. The project is divided into four floors and mix different uses. This complex program implies also high acoustic requirements, aesthetic challenges, and moisture resistance solutions for exterior ceilings like Aquaroc® board and Hydrostil metal profiles F-530 (Z275). Indoors, in the main open space, Rigitone® in combination with ISOVER mineral wool has been used in ceilings to improve the reverberation time and provide the correct acoustic control. Rigitone® 12/25 with black tissue was also used in ceilings and wall linings on the corridors of the fourth floor


Mas Espacio 2010. S.L.L.

Mas Espacio is a company dedicated to interior design, focusing in the relationship with the client and the quality of our work. With the support of our technical office available for our customers, we help them to turn their ideas into reality, and also carry out the work in the most precise and effective way, meeting the established deadlines.

Indoor air quality
Required for this work center, choosing Rigitone® in the common spaces
Moisture resistance
External application. Aquaroc® with Hydrostil F-530 metal profiles
Acoustic control
Rigitone® 12/25 with ISOVER mineral wool control reverberation time
Superior aesthetic and design
In a unique design as a inverted flower, using Placo® BA

Key Achievements

  • Excellent execution (aesthetic finish) in a very complex geometrical design.
  • Change the specification of competitor’s products to Placo® solutions.
  • Control the reverberation time in the open space.
  • Include different Saint-Gobain solutions.

The complexity of the design based on a total symmetry of the 12 main points from the flower stem to the false ceiling.
The hidden work for the assembly of the substructure, as well as the cuts executed for shape formation on the ceiling and on the vertical structure.
Perfect finish in corners with a handmade work in each piece using drywall corners and Q4 finishing level.
Light installation based on the ceiling shapes defined.
Correct acoustic control for the work centre open space.


Building owner:
Javier Suances Matias
Main contractor:
Juan Carlos Carballude Sánchez
Antonio Leao
Saint-Gobain Team:
Jose Manuel Pérez, Mkt&Communications dept.