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Emasi Nam Long International School

Viet NamViet NamCompany Name: An Tien My Ltd.

Project description

EMASI Nam Long has total 18,000m2, 4 floors and it has a modern design with library, sporting event hall, swimming pool, music room, medical room, classroom…. with a very good acoustic design and sound absorption level inside the class and sound insulation between two classes to help student to maximize their learning capability.


An Tien My Ltd.

Established in 2007, but An Tien My have been done the gypsum ceiling from 2000 and they specialized in developing skills in installing ceiling and drywall. Most of projects done by An Tien My are offices warehouse and apartments. An Tien My is one of the top skillful installing contractors in Vietnam. An Tien My and Saint-Gobain have a great relationship.

Fire protection
60 minutes fire resistance
Acoustic insulation
50 Db STC from classroom to classroom
Acoustic control
NRC 0.85 in all classrooms
Robustness guarantee
Habito® Drywall system 12.5mm in Sport Event Hall

Key Achievements

  • Build good relationship with developers to change their mind-set
  • Follow up closely with developer, analyze the differentiation between wet felt and soft felt benefit
  • Good relationship with contractor to offer our systems
  • Introduce good contractor to developer and present the installation guide

Key Challenges

First of all, the perception of using drywall of Vietnamese is quite low. In addition, it is difficulty to persuade customer to accept new acoustic ceiling products for Vietnam market. We hardly convert the current specification from wet-felt to soft-felt based on real benefits , Low current budget is also one difficulty point to overcome. Last but not least, proving the differentiation to owner faces many difficulties


Building owner:
Khai Sang JSC
So Kha Nguyen Duy Architect Consultant
Main contractor:
Le Tien Dat
Saint-Gobain Team:
Project Sales team: Ngu Thi Van