Funeral Hall

Czech RepublicCzech RepublicCompany Name: RIGIFORM s.r.o.

Project description

Wood was chosen as a bearing structure for the construction of the funeral hall in Břeclav, the interior is mostly dry construction. Gyptone® Big Curve and Glasroc® F Riflex materials by Rigips dominate the interior of the funeral hall which were used for the construction of panels and ceilings. These materials are interesting since they can be bent into small radii, creating design constructions. At the same time, Gyptone® Big Curve perforated boards have a fundamental influence on spatial acoustics. The new funeral hall currently has a capacity of 120 seats including covered outdoor areas.



Our company since 1996 provides complete assembly and sale for dry construction, including transport of materials. Our long tradition and experienced team gives you the assurance and guarantee of quality work.

Superior aesthetic and design
Rigips® flexible boards enable outstanding design of the hall
Acoustic control
Gyptone® Big Curve secures great spatial acoustics
Inspiring spaces
Rigips® flexible boards enable to create unique space
Smooth mecanical finish
Exceptional craftsmanship make continuous surfaces, where the interface of individual materials cannot be discerned

Key Achievements

  • Excellent spatial acoustics in the Hall.
  • Final result combines high standards for aesthetics, acoustic comfort, and optimal levels of natural daylight.
  • Throughout the construction there were exceptional cooperation between constructor and Rigips
  • Lighting ramps and curved surface create an outstanding harmony of lights and shadows.
  • Unique use of Rigips flexible boards which enables to fulfill architect’s requirements.

It was crucial to maintain perfect execution of the curved surfaces. The use of Rigips® gypsum sealants guarantees surface perfection. It requires exceptional craftsmanship to make continuous surfaces, where the interface of individual materials cannot be discerned.
Quality of execution of the ceilings and wall linings were achieved by cooperation between contractor and Regis’s School of dry Lining
Without usage of Rigips® flexible boards it will be impossible to create this outstanding space.


Building owner:
The city of Břeclav
Libor Foukal, F&K&B, a.s.
Main contractor:
Jan Kroupa
Saint-Gobain Team:
Jaromír Puffer