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Grand Park Hotel Rovinj

CroatiaCroatiaCompany Name: Interijeri Buden d.o.o.

Project description

The Grand Park Hotel is a newly built 5+ star hotel located on the coast of Istria peninsula overlooking historical town of Rovinj. It is a luxury hotel, intended for private tourists or organisation of smaller conferences, meetings and events. It targets clients with high expectations and demands. Grand Park has 209 elegantly designed rooms and suites, 7 different restaurants and bars, numerous shops, spacious wellness and spa, all collocated on six terraced floors. The project is a masterpiece resulted of the collaboration between the Croatian architecture studio 3LHD and Italian studio Lissoni Architecture for interior design. The most valuable and quality Rigips® materials are used for achieving outstanding levels of sustainability, fire protection, acoustics and air quality. The hotel itself is the most prestigious hospitality project in Croatia, and even more it is awarded by GBC Croatia for the best green new building in 2019!


Interijeri Buden d.o.o.

Interijeri Buden is a family owned company whose origins date back to 2004 when Mr. Ivan Buden founded Interiors ZAGI and started with a few employees to perform the works of drylining construction and painting business works. Company motto “fair and well” has led to an increase in volume of business and 2011 to the founding of the enterprise INTERIJERI BUDEN d.o.o. The company employs 50 high-quality and professional employees, while on the larger construction sites the number of employees rises over 150. In 2015. their hard work led to winning the Croatian award for the best small and medium-size enterprise. From the beginning of their activity, Interijeri Buden are only installing Rigips solutions and materials which make them one of the most loyal Saint-Gobain Rigips customers in the country. Today they are present on most of the major projects in Croatia with their skills and abilities to meet investor’s requirements (time, budget, work quality, innovative solutions…)

Fire protection
Fire resistance / Gypsum RF board – Quantified performance level Rooms, lobby, corridors
Acoustic insulation
Sound insulation / Rigips® system 3.40.31- Rw= 60dB Rooms, corridors, lobby
Superior aesthetic and design
Rimano® Glet XL
Moisture resistance
Water resistance / Aquaroc® – Quantified performance level Wellness
Impact resistant

Key Achievements

  • Completion of the project according to investor challenging time schedule
  • Demanding project conditions fulfilled due to experience of the installer team, clear targets and good logistic support
  • Excellent cooperation between the installers and Rigips technical support team, offering solutions beyond requirement in real time
  • Final result as combination of outstanding levels regarding fire protection, sound insulation, moisture and mold resistance, superior aesthetics & design, including high durability and impact resistance
  • Rigips® solutions and products installed: App. 100.000 sqm of different Rigips boards 160.000 m of Rigi profiles

Key Challenges

The building had to adjust to the natural surrounding of the site by its volume, irregular floor plan and height.
Achievement of outstanding levels in terms of sustainability, acoustics, fire protection and aesthetics
Challenging large open project structure with a huge frontal glass surface toward the city and the sea
The deadline for the execution of the work was conditioned by the beginning of the tourist season, and further aggravated by the efforts of installers to implement all the ideas of the architect.
Thanks to the experience and the motivation of the architects, and the preparation of the installers there was no need for improvisations. The key objective regarding interiors was to achieve: luxurious feeling with hotel functionality along with hotel guests experience.


Building owner:
Maistra d.d.
3LHD architects / Studio Lissoni
Main contractor:
Radnik d.d. / Kamgrad d.o.o.
Maistra d.d.
Saint-Gobain Team:
Daniel Domini, Nikica Klarić, Mario Matijević