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Haarlemmerpoort, Amsterdam

NetherlandsNetherlandsCompany Name: SBB binnenafbouw bv

Project description

The Haarlemmerpoort (‘Gate to Haarlem’) was originally built as a city gate. After losing this function in 1851 it housed various functions and faced a period of decay. Untill the city of Amsterdam decided it had to be renovated and transformed into 8 comfortable and sustainable, yet affordable apartments. A high level of ambition was defined: the apartments had to offer level of new construction in sustainability and comfort. The original construction and character of the monumental building had to be preserved and integrated in the apartments. The renovation of the Haarlemmerpoort and the accessibility for local citizens were a boost for the entire neighborhood.


SBB binnenafbouw bv

SBB … Pure Perfection. SBB has developed into a versatile company, active in the development and construction of projects in almost any area – and for the most demanding customers. We gain our orders through public tenders. Working in building teams or fully turnkey. It’s up to the customer. Fast quotations,- sharp pricing – direct communication and action – smooth and efficient builiding process

Fire protection
Ceiling / PD 93 RF P/55.3.A Ceiling in restaurant area (specially designed for this project)
Acoustic insulation
Ceiling / PD 93 RF P/55.3.A Ceiling in restaurant area (specially designed for this project)
Acoustic control
Partitions / AS 155 dB RD/2.50*50.2.AA Between apartment and coridor
Superior aesthetic and design
Wall lining / HS 93/80.1.A In apartments at the outer wall (specially designed for this project)

Key Achievements

  • The high ambition levels were achieved in a very complex working environment
  • High-end craftsmanship was delivered
  • Comfortable and pleasant apartments were delivered to a satisfied client – and happy residents
  • A complicated project was delivered in time and within budget

Key Challenges

High ambition levels had to be met on:
– Thermal performance (: energy neutral)
– Acoustic performance
– Fire safety
– Aesthetics

To work inside a monumental building

Maintaining the characteristic features of the monument

Not a single space or wall ‘straight ahead’: working and solving inch by inch

Wide variety of different walls, curved walls, suspended ceilings, floors etc

Craftsmanship required: sharp, visible details


Building owner:
Stadsherstel Amsterdam N.V., Amsterdam
Architectenbureau J. van Stigt, Amsterdam
Main contractor:
Bouwbedrijf van den Hengel BV, Soest
Martin Dijkstra, Pieter-Bas Doornebal/Eyelike
Saint-Gobain Team:
Herbert Hofstad