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Haus der Bayerischen Geschichte

GermanyGermanyCompany Name: A.S.T. Sommer GmbH

Project description

Regensburg’s new museum called “Haus der Bayerischen Geschichte” with 2,500 sqm exhibition space opened 2019 and its purpose is to show the recent Bavarian history of Bavaria with multimedia and experience-oriented exhibits. The challenges for the contractor were manifold such as the construction of shaft walls with a height of up to 17 meters and their perfect surface finishing in Q4. One of the architectural highlights is the free-standing drywall developed by the technical department of A.S.T. Sommer. This wall has a vertically inclined surface on one side and is designed to carry the historical Landtag carpet with a weight of 600kg. Furthermore numerous design elements such as integrated staircases with indirect lighting make an important contribution to the harmonious overall impression. The contractor’s extraordinary technical expertise was mandatory to create this outstanding new museum.


A.S.T. Sommer GmbH

Mr. Heinrich Sommer founded his company A.S.T. Sommer GmbH in 1989. He started with two workmen and today the family owned company has grown to a size of 50-100 employees. In those 30 years not only the company building was enlarged by the extension of the company premises, but also the technical product portfolio was supplemented by “room equipment” and “darkening”. Heinrich Sommer will shortly resign and the company will be managed by his son and successor Christian Sommer.

Fire protection
Erection of a 17 meter high shaft wall with Rigips profiles and Glasroc F with fire protection of F 90
Superior aesthetic and design
Perfect suface quality Q4 was achieved with 1.000 kg ProMix Finish
Smooth mecanical finish
Large glass surfaces on the wall heads produced streaks of light and made the realisation of the Q4 surfaces difficult

Key Achievements

  • Staircase design with integrated handrail and indirect lighting.
  • Freestanding drywall 7 x 8,3 with a vertically inclined wall surface on one side for the presentation of historical Landtag carpet (weight 600kg).
  • F90 shaftwalls with a height of up to 17 m (2 x Glasroc® F) and Q4 surface quality (ProMix® Finish)

Key Challenges

  • Shaft walls with a height of up to 17m.
  • Logistical challenge: The construction site in the center of the historic old town was temporarily one of the largest in Regensburg, there were numerous scaffolds and various contractors working in parallel.
  • Perfect surface quality Q4: Walls with an extreme height of 17 meters and large window areas on the wall heads
  • Design and execution of the free-standing and inclined drywall which can carry a load of 600 kg


Building owner:
Freistaat Bayern
Wörner Traxler Richter Planungsgesellschaft mbH
Main contractor:
A.S.T. Sommer GmbH
Frank Blümler
Saint-Gobain Team:
Bernd Fischer