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FranceFranceCompany Name: SARL UNIP Les Métiers du Plâtre

Project description

Hellfest is a festival dedicated to extrem music. It is one of the most popular metal festival in Europe. It hosted 200 000 people in 2018. The contractor had in charge the scenery setting of the « VIP » building representing a skeleton, made of on 3 600 vertebrae in staff fitting the structure of the building. This project is the fascinating union between a place made by a traditional way of working and a modern structure which fit together despite their different universe.


SARL UNIP Les Métiers du Plâtre

Les métiers du Plâtre, is a specialist in fibrous plasterworks since 1997. They work essentially in patrimony building : church for example, but 75% of its business is in residential. He shares and transfers all the possibilities and knowledge of plastering work in order to attract young people in this area.

Productivity gain
Molda® 3 Normal – Respect of the short deadline
Inspiring spaces
Molda® 3 Normal – neat finish in the VIP hall
Impact resistant
Molda® 3 Normal – no breakage after the festival

Key Achievements

  • Optimising the process cadence rate, taking into account the plaster drying time. Identification and numbering of 1300 elements, allowed a good management of the construction site. 26 tonnes of Molda® 3 Normal used, its smoothness facilitated the fine details reproduction. Staff elements resistant

Key Challenges

The deadline which implied a high number of hours worked (1 700 hours). Work for 3 months, 10 hours a day and 6 days a week.


Building owner:
Hellfest Production
Luc Richard and Maxime Vaslin
Main contractor:
SARL UNIP Les Métiers du Plâtre
Gilles Delacuvellerie
Saint-Gobain Team:
Sylvain Pommé and Guillaume Jarriau