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Heuvelgalerie Shopping Mall

NetherlandsNetherlandsCompany Name: Janse Afbouw

Project description

Upgrading Eindhoven’s busiest shopping mall without disturbing the audience or the shopkeepers: what a great challenge! Janse Afbouw created and implemented an innovative solution for both the engineering of the super detailed installations and the working process. The mission for the Heuvelgalerie was to create a better atmosphere to attract both new shoppers and new shops. ‘The Heuvel’ had to offer an attractive shopping experience again. To create and realise this aesthetically and logistically high-end project Janse Afbouw had to think and work smart – and innovate. Ceilings, coves and roundings, with high-end LED-lighting and floodlight, contributed to accomplish the aesthetical mission. Clever 24-hour planning, preparing all elements in smart prefab, logistics to the site at night and assembly at night on site made it possible not to disturb shoppers during opening hours.


Janse Afbouw

Janse Afbouw is a versatile building company, with a wide variety of projects spread all over The Netherlands. Janse is specialised in MetalStud drywall and ceiling solutions, floor solutions and window and doorframes. Over the years Janse has also gained valuable knowledge and experience with acoustics solutions.

Acoustic control
Acoustics / Rigitone® 8-15-20
Superior aesthetic and design
Seamless surface / Gyproc® A 4xAK – Class A / Q4

Key Achievements

  • 24 hour job: planning, communication and prefab at daytime, assembly at night.
  • Process intensity: – intensive communication with client and installer – team process fit to perfection which kept the process going smoothly
  • Starting each element with a small sample: the sample was engineered and re-engineered to solution before prefab and installation
  • The entire work was done without disturbing audience or shopkeepers. Our team started at 21.00 PM and at 7.00 AM left a clean and empty work site.
  • The smart planning, preparation and communication resulted in a profitable project in the end

Key Challenges

Process: this was a 24-hour job – innovative ways were required, thinking outside the box!
preparing elements in factory –> smart prefab in factory –> logistics to worksite –> assembly on site
planning and developing during during the day –> installing at night

Shopping audience and shopkeepers were not to be disturbed by the work – or the mess

Aesthetically high-end demands to create atmosphere
implementing LED lighting and making use of floodlight

There was not a single similar element and there were no design drawings available – there were just global sketches from the architect to work with.

The existing installation remained intact, the new installation had to be installed on top.


Building owner:
CBRE Global Investors, Schiphol
Van Aken architecten, Eindhoven
Main contractor:
Pennings Groep, Rosmalen
Pieter Bas Doornebal – Eyelike
Saint-Gobain Team:
Mark Verhoeven, Randolf de Jong