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Hotel Flamingo

SpainSpainCompany Name: Enguixats J. Bahí­

Project description

Situated in the Montgrí, Medes Islands and Baix Ter Nature Park, the Flamingo Hotel has been renovated in 2018. The design of the ceilings in the reception of this hotel is an complex and ingenious way to avoid the slab beams structure , and at the same time, create an aesthetic and unique sensation distributing the light in this space. The singular shapes of the hall & restaurant ceilings have been executed with preformed plasterboards and finished with Placo® BA13. High occupancy in common spaces made the resistance in partitions and walls a must for this type of building. Habito® was the added-value solution chosen, providing high load capability and impact resistance, also in hybrid systems with Placo® PPM with the performance against humidity required in some spaces.


Enguixats J. Bahí­

Manual plastering and plaster decorations, ceilings,all kinds Acoustic, thermal insulation and fire protection.

Moisture resistance
Thanks to systems with PLACO® PPM in spaces where required
Superior aesthetic and design
Created with preformed pieces of PLACO® BA
Impact resistant
HABITO® plasterboard for partitions and walls in common areas

Key Achievements

  • Recessed ceiling luminaires
  • Flat surface with direct light
  • Adjustment of the new project design
  • Irregular shapes with ceilings luminaires

Key Challenges

  • Adaptation to ceiling previous slab beams structure.
  • Creation of preformed pieces for curved ceiling design.
  • Match preformed pieces with the slab structure.
  • Light installation based on the ceiling shapes defined.
  • Excellent finishing based on the existing direct light.


Building owner:
Main contractor:
Jordi Bahí Vila
Saint-Gobain Team:
Sales: Jesús PorrasMkt&Communication