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Hotel President

Czech RepublicCzech RepublicCompany Name: Pe-Rakstav s.r.o.

Project description

During the reconstruction of the entrance hall, the dry construction helped to transform the originally outdated building into an architecturally interesting space. It combines elements of plasterboard surfaces with design lighting. The curved ceilings are made of Glasroc F Riflex boards, and the surfaces that support the suspended lighting units are clad with Habito H high-strength gypsum plasterboards. The resulting effect of building structures together with design lighting gives a unique atmosphere.


Pe-Rakstav s.r.o.

It has been operating on the construction market since 1999. We provide services for large construction companies in the Zlín, Moravian-Silesian region and especially in the Prague region. Abroad in Slovakia and Poland. We are able to provide any scope of work in the field of plasterboard construction and loft conversions.

Fixing capability
Use of Habito® H enable to mount lighting and other design elements
Productivity gain
Rigips® materials helped productivity on site
Load bearing guarantee
Acoustic insulation
Habito® H secures high sound insulation standards
Superior aesthetic and design
Rigips® flexible boards enable outstanding design.

Key Achievements

  • The finish of the surfaces was on the highest level of quality to meet the standards of the hotel
  • Use of the Habito® H board enables support of lightings and other design elements attached to the ceiling.
  • During reconstruction, the dry construction helped to transform the originally outdated building into an architecturally interesting space.
  • Habito® H high-strength board was used for anchoring decorative and lighting elements.
  • Optimal compliance of construction parameters and their high performance is in line with the resulting aesthetics of the interior.

The use of our materials made it possible to reduce construction time to a minimum. That was crucial aspect of the construction.
High demands on aesthetics which need to fulfill high standards of the hotel.
Combining modern interior and material performance with historical building, which is located in the heart of Prague
Lack of natural light in the lobby is replaced by light ramps hidden on suspended ceilings and walls.


Building owner:
President hotels s.r.o.
Jaromír Pizinger, MORIX s.r.o.
Main contractor:
Jan kroupa
Saint-Gobain Team:
Lukáš Bach