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Jewellery Shop Feichtinger

AustriaAustriaCompany Name: Ruckenstuhl GmbH

Project description

More than 30 years ago, the jewellery factory was built in the city centre of Graz. After three decades and several minor renovation projects and refurbishment measures, the show and sales rooms were to be enlarged by an extension and to receive a design update in the course of a complete renovation. The aim was to provide the optically appealing and noble designs with an appropriate frame. During ongoing operation, the extensive drywall work was carried out in individual construction stages. Hardly any standard solutions were used; rather every installation element – both in the area of curved attachment shells and wall coverings as well as the entire suspended ceiling with its diverse curves – is a custom-made and specially designed special construction adapted to the client’s wishes.


Ruckenstuhl GmbH

The company Ruckenstuhl GmbH has aimed at high quality standards and achieved them through high-quality consulting and assembly services. As a result, Ruckenstuhl GmbH has taken a leading position in the drywall sector in southern Austria – numerous well-known references prove their realisation of high quality in drywall construction. Since 1995, Ruckenstuhl GmbH has been carrying out planning and assembly work in acoustic and drywall construction, mainly in Styria. The focus is on fire, sound and heat protection measures.

Superior aesthetic and design
Since a large part of the showroom and the sales area has indirect lighting and thus causes foray, the spatula work was no less demanding.

Key Achievements

  • Meeting the design expectations Close collaboration between installers and RIGIPS to find proper solutions for the requirements concerning acoustic and design Perfect solution for curved walls with Glasroc F Riflex

Key Challenges

suspended ceiling with its diverse curves
narrow radii
installation of display cases in the convex and concave curved attachment shells
Integration of lighting and ventilation


Building owner:
Feichtinger Holding GmbH
Cserni & Schifko ZT GmbH
Main contractor:
Ruckenstuhl GmbH
Saint-Gobain Team:
Manfred Krammer