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Jim Pattison Children's Hospital

CanadaCanadaCompany Name: Alpine Interior Systems (2016) Ltd

Project description

Officially opened on September 29 2019, the new Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital offers state-of-the-art equipment and facilities for children, mothers and families from across our province. Centrally located next to the University of Saskatchewan campus in Saskatoon, our new maternal and children’s hospital offers neonatal intensive care, pediatric intensive care, general pediatrics, pediatric emergency and ambulatory services. Maternal services include labour and delivery, antepartum and postpartum care. The 176-private room facility provides the highest quality of care and is putting Saskatchewan at the forefront of research and innovation.


Alpine Interior Systems (2016) Ltd

Alpine has been operating in Saskatchewan since 1976. Alpine began specializing in Drywall & Acoustics, and have since evolved their scope of work to include Painting and Flooring. On average, Alpine employs 100 field personnel. The majority of their experienced tradespersons have been employed at Alpine for over 15 years. Alpine specializes in large commercial, industrial and institutional projects. These include Science and Research Facilities, Uranium and Potash Mines, Airport and Hangar Buildings and Healthcare Facilities. Alpine also works hard to develop a “Culture of Safety” and are very proud that both their management and field personnel have taken an active role in developing and participating in our Safety Program. In 2009 Alpine re-evaluated and overhauled their Corporate Safety System. It was evident that on-site pressures and increasing injuries were hurting our workers, insurance rates and profitability. They took action and are now seeing the investment and change in Alpine’s safety culture pay off huge dividends.

Indoor air quality
AirRenew® Extreme Impact improved indoor air quality, offers fire resistance and superior impact and abuse resistance
Moisture resistance
GLASROC® Exterior Sheathing & Shaftliner offer superior water resistance with a surface that does not inhibit water vapor permeance.
Acoustic control
Silentfx® Acoustic Drywall offers superiors acoustics by reducing noise and dampening sound, saves on floor space and finishes like regular drywall
Robustness guarantee
AirRenew® Extreme Impact offers superior impact and abuse qualities to help protect the walls in high traffic areas.
Superior aesthetic and design
1/4″ Flexboard® drywall is preferred when designing curved wall applications (bulkheads). This product is also easy to apply and finish.

Key Achievements

  • The project was specified and 100% of the drywall products there were supplied were CertainTeed.
  • First large scale project use of SilentFX® product in Canada that was used to increase the comfort for mother and their new-born’s in the hospital.
  • The project was completed ahead of schedule even though there was a multi-million dollar insurance claim because a 1” water line broke and ran for 12 hours and the main and ground floors had to be totally reworked.

Key Challenges

Supply chain management – Alpine provided FBM and CertainTeed with anticipated material quantities and delivery dates as per project schedule, to allow for import of large quantities of specialised gypsum products.  This was a unique partnership between supplier and customer to ensure on-demand delivery of specialized materials. 

Project documentation was a significant challenge with over 3500 project revisions including 1177 Price Requests, 563 Site Instructions, 1789 request for Information. Including the original tender being increased by $2,000,000

In January 2019, completed Main and Ground floor areas flooded after 1” water line broke.  Areas had to be completely re-worked and project was still completed for substantial completion in April 2019.  This was a multi-million dollar insurance claim.


Building owner:
Saskatchewan Health Authority
Henry Downing Architects
Main contractor:
Graham Construction & Engineering
Keith Henry
Saint-Gobain Team:
Wayne Edgecombe – VP Sales (Canada)Rick Tonita – Territory Manager (SK)John Zomparelli – Supply Chain Manager