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Kapija Vračara

SerbiaSerbiaCompany Name: EuroLux Co ltd

Project description

Kapija Vračara (The Gate of Vračar), residential complex located in Belgrade, consists of three independent buildings that are interconnected on the first floor by eye-catching walkways. This is currently the largest real estate complex being built in Vračar (part of Belgrade) on the area of 40,000 m2. The use of top quality materials was necessary in order to reach the highest aesthetic and quality standards. All the buildings consist of three underground (garage) and seven above-ground floors. Over 250 apartments of different structures, from studios to five-room luxury apartments. The top floor is reserved for penthouse apartments with large terraces providing users with exceptional view of the city. Architectural design enables airflow among every section of the project, allowing for optimum use of natural lighting and ventilation, as well as providing a constant view of the surroundings.


EuroLux Co ltd

Eurolux Co ltd is one of the leading companies in the construction industry specializing in gypsum and painting works. Over many years a close technical cooperation between Eurolux and Rigips led to the development of innovative solutions with which many big projects were scored. Numerous hotels, offices and restaurants have been built because of this cooperation.

Rigips® ceilings with plasterboards in all interior areas
Productivity gain
Glasroc® X Wall lining on non-ventilated facade
Load bearing guarantee
Rigips® ceilings with plasterboards in all interior areas

Key Achievements

  • Good collaboration between Contractor and Saint-Gobain team in order to use the potential of different Saint-Gobain products (Isover, Rigips, Weber)
  • High-quality aesthetical and technical performance
  • Dry lining systems saved money, and more important, saved time in order to finish the project on time
  • Solving technical problems and giving unique solutions, such as tailor-made cascade ceiling systems for luxury apartments

Key Challenges

  • Eurolux Co, reputable company that exists more than 20 years, was an Investor and a Contractor in project „Kapija Vračara“ – significant responsibility for Saint-Gobain team.
  • Very tight construction schedule based on the fact that the project is located in high-traffic central residential area.
  • Custom-design ceilings of various shapes with lighting coves for every luxury apartment.


Building owner:
AGNS invest ltd
Folic Architects ltd
Main contractor:
Eurolux Co ltd
Aleksandr Jancevic Foto Sale
Saint-Gobain Team:
Mina Milinovic Balac