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La Mer Resort & Spa

GreeceGreeceCompany Name: Ioannis Lionakis

Project description

La Mer Resort & Spa is a contemporary hospitality unit/complex located in the north-eastern part of Crete. Among its facilities, 76 rooms and 900 m² of common areas such as spa, indoor pool and gym are included. Apart from exceptional hospitality services, La Mer Resort & Spa also serves as rehabilitation center for military personnel, recovering from anxiety disorders. The architectural concept serves the diverse building program with great sophistication. Spatial quality, sense of comfort and ample view towards the sea are important design principles. The delicate materiality of the complex, allows it to merge into the surrounding landscape and create a connection with the unique blue of the Aegean Sea. The rich variety of RIGIPS plasterboards combined with WEBER ETICS were applied during the construction in order to meet the project demands. All spatial parameters were taken into consideration both during the specification and the installation process.


Ioannis Lionakis

35 Years of Experience in Gypsum/plasterboard application. Personnel: 20 qualified professionals in plasterboards and complimentary materials application Specialised in Interior Space Contractor specialized in dry wall constructions in commercial, private and industrial projects.

Acoustic insulation
System T89 A/B up to T90 A/B Rigips® RBI , RFI , Rigips® U Rigips® C
Superior aesthetic and design
Glasroc® F
Moisture resistance
Glasroc® X, System T89 A/B up to T90 A/B Rigips® RBI , RFI , Rigips® U, Rigips® C
Impact resistant

Key Achievements

  • Intense efforts leading to high level performance and on time delivery, according to the specific demands.
  • Managing and directing several construction teams, so as to ensure smooth cooperation, while also reveal space maximum potential
  • Combination of various systems in order to achieve an optimal result according to interior design guidelines.
  • Higher sound and thermal insulation performance, ensuring the atmosphere of tranquility that characterizes this type of facilities

Key Challenges

-Tight deadline: 8month period to deliver
-Construction works’ coordination due to project’s complexity
-Versatile design to meet all demands and develop a pleasant environment for psychological rehabilitation purposes
-Exposure to high humidity levels
-Sound Insulation
-Budget restrictions in a highly competitive sector


Building owner:
Antonios Gelasakis
George Chrysochow & George Vasilakis
Main contractor:
Ioannis Lionakis
Christos Drazos
Saint-Gobain Team:
Dimitrios Koskinas