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La Seine Musicale

FranceFranceCompany Name: Werey Stenger Plâtre & Staff

Project description

La Seine Musicale, designed by Shigeru Ban and Jean de Gastines, was thought in respect of the site and its industrial past. Its curves follow the shape of the downstream tip of the island. Its ambition is to be part of an eco-responsable future. The Auditorium with an audience capacity up to 1150 people, is the room dedicated to non-amplified music. Its acoustic was studied by Nagata and Jean Paul Lamoureux to guarantee the best possible sound reproduction for the audience.


Werey Stenger Plâtre & Staff

The Group Werey & Stenger is a leading plaster and drywall contractor, and a manufacturer of fibrous plasterwork in the Alsace region and beyond. Founded in 1971, they are member of the Club entreprises Placo since 1997, and they are participating in quasi each edition of the Placo Trophies. They are dealing with both restoration projects and new built or building extensions. Nevertheless, the restoration of historical monuments is one of their specialties.

Acoustic control
Acoustic / Molda® Duo Molda ® Dur Lutèce® THD Placoplatre® BA25 – Ceilings
Superior aesthetic and design
Neat Finish / Molda® Duo Molda ® Dur Lutèce® THD Placoplatre® BA25
Recycling certified
Environmentally Firendly / Molda® Duo, Molda® Dur, Lutèce® THD – recyclable

Key Achievements

  • The team work: response to technical challenges
  • Innovation with the setting up of an ATEX
  • Optimising the truck transportations in order to reduce gas emissions
  • The dimensions of ceiling parts were created with the hard manipulation in mind for the workers

Key Challenges

First auditorium to work without any sound system. Laboratory endorsement before the setting up. Very precise finishing work especially for the movable walkways. Almost zero waste on site.


Building owner:
S.T.S Evenements
Jean de Gastines and Shigeru Ban
Main contractor:
Werey Plâtre & Staff
Gilles Delacuvellerie
Saint-Gobain Team:
Jean-Pierre Wickersheimer