Laboratorios DCOOP

SpainSpainCompany Name: Decoraciones Valleniza, S.L.

Project description

Conditioning of the space for new DCOOP company laboratories. The main bulk of the operations carried out in the building are performed in a wide and multifunctional room whose suspended ceiling is designed combining Gyptone® Big Curve systems in the central space, which allows the creation of curved volumes and a continuous image with Rigitone® systems along the perimeter of the room. These two ceiling systems, in addition to contributing to correct the reverberation time of space and providing a pure and clean aesthetic, allow to improve remarkably indoor air quality thanks to Activ’Air® formaldehyde-reducing technology presents in both solutions.


Decoraciones Valleniza, S.L.

Company created in 2016 in Málaga, focused on the indoor conditioning of buildings, plasterboard and ceilings installation, floor cladding, refurbishng and decoration.

Indoor air quality
Due to Activ’Air® techonology in both solutions chosen.
Acoustic control
Rigitone® and Gyptone® Big Curve installed in ceilings of the multifunctional space
Superior aesthetic and design
Original design combining both solutions, Gyptone® Big Curve, in the center of the ceiling, and Rigitone® along perimeter.

Key Achievements

  • Sophisticated design based on value added systems.
  • Perfect ceiling finishing thru a correct jointing process.
  • Light finishing according to the architect criteria.
  • Pure and clean aesthetic in natural environment with acoustic and indoor air quality performances.

Key Challenges

Adjusted timming for finishing the project
Fixing of Gyptone® boards to a curve structure at a high level.
Combination of aesthetic finishing of both solutions: Gyptone® Big Curve and Rigitone®
Light installation based on the ceiling shapes defined.
Large windows offering natural daylight and demanding an excellent ceiling finishing
The best solutions to provide a good acoustic comfort and air quality atmosphere in the main room of the laboratories, with an estimated capacity for 1400 people.


Building owner:
Dcoop S.Coop.And
Main contractor:
Iván Cabello López y Alfredo Delgado Herrera
Antonio Leao
Saint-Gobain Team:
Saint-Gobain Placo Ibérica:- Sales representative: Jesús del Castillo- Ceilings product manager: Cristian MarcosMkt&XCoommunications Dept.