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Project description

Located in London’s Theatreland, the former headquarters of the Baptist Church has undergone a major restoration to create a new 5-star boutique hotel, L’Oscar. With a number of technical challenges, including restoring original features and adding a vertical extension to provide an additional two floors, British Gypsum’s consultation and quality products were all key to producing a luxurious, opulent hotel finished to the highest possible standards. Originally built between 1901 and 1903 by architect Arthur Keen, the former Baptist Church headquarters was inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement, resulting in ornate detail inside and out. To encapsulate the drama, history and decadence of the Bloomsbury set and theatre traditions of the location, highly-esteemed French designer Jacques Garcia was brought into bring this hidden architectural gem back to life as L’Oscar Hotel. The building now has 39 luxury bedrooms, restaurant, banqueting suite and library.


Delmond Construction

Delmond Construction is a specialist provider of drylining solutions in London and the surrounding counties. It has expertise in suspended ceilings, partitioning, drylining and related finishes and has a portfolio of top standard completed work. Delmond Construction is a successful company that keeps on growing – a testament to its specialist, dedicated workforce and strong work ethic. The business’ professional approach to all interior jobs, large and small, has established it as a key player in its field

Superior aesthetic and design
The finish reflected the opulent, luxury character of the hotel.
Smooth mecanical finish
ThistlePro® DuraFinish® improved damage resistance while retaining a high level of finish required to accept the detailed and fine decoration

Key Achievements

  • The finish was of the highest level of quality to meet the luxurious standards of the hotel
  • Met the conservation officer’s requirements and the stringent standards of the client
  • The hotel has received international praise as being a notable new hotel with a high level of design and finish, placing it firmly as one of London’s most sought-after hotels and restaurants
  • Overall the project due to its extremely high quality finish defines what DuraFinish is all about

Key Challenges

Lots of different backgrounds, e.g. limestone, and a lot of misalignment, so mesh had to be added and the plaster built up in layers.

The team had to assure the clients’ needs for solid walls were met, while dealing with existing features that were in poor condition and prepare surfaces for a high level of ornate detailing.

They also had to adhere to the conservation officer’s requirements of restoring this Grade II Listed building.

External and masonry internal walls were plastered using a traditional 2-coat system, using Thistle Bonding Coat undercoat plaster finished with Thistle DuraFinish® for added impact and abrasion performance. Some of the areas had to be reinforced with an expanded metal lath.

The partitions and linings that made up the vertical roof top extension were finished with a skim coat of Thistle DuraFinish® to a high level of finish and surface performance, which was needed to accept the detailed, fine decoration that was applied.


Building owner:
L’oscar Hotel
Dexter Moren Associates
Main contractor:
McClaren Construction
Saint-Gobain Team:
Roger Harman David AsburyWayne Bond