Palácio Sinel de Cordes (Restauration)

PortugalPortugalCompany Name: João Paulo Morgado Unipessoal, LDA.

Project description

The restoration of the main floor of this 18th century palace, was made possible thanks to the huge co-operation between architects, engineers, students of architecture and building sector companies such as Placo®. The aim was to preserve the building’s history recovering specific areas where the passage of time has left its mark in the partitions, while the ceilings have been completely restored by hand, using a wide range of Placo® plaster solutions carefully selected to reach the requirements and needs in each space and surface.


João Paulo Morgado Unipessoal, LDA.

Superior aesthetic and design
Manual finishing In the whole restored area
Term cost
Profitability: Cheaper than new building
Environmentally friendly
Natural Products / Gypsum in the whole restored area

Key Achievements

  • Plasters suitable for wide range of surface types.
  • Limitation for implementation the public works, because the place is a public space dedicated to different events, so the restoration was carried out part by part.
  • The palace was chosen to host the Lisbon architecture triennial event, so the timing was limited by the opening ceremony.
  • Due to the building history, the priority was to maintain the memory of the original uses on the main rooms, with local restorations instead of the total renovation to allow the new activities.

Keep the original design of both walls and ceiling moldings by carefully restoration of the existing ornaments.
Excellent finish required because of the large windows existing in main rooms.
Technical advice and support to all stakeholders involved in order to use all the correct plaster solutions to guarantee the success of the restoration.
Inclusion of high impact resistance plasterboard solution for robustness in spaces where needed.


Building owner:
Câmara Municipal de Lisboa
FSSMGN – Arquitectos, Margarida Grácio Nunes – Arquitecta
Main contractor:
João Paulo Ferreira Morgado
Antonio Leao
Saint-Gobain Team:
Sales: Bruno Ribeiro, Carlos Martin Boix Mkt & Communication team