Politie Carma

BelgiumBelgiumCompany Name: Kempische Interieurbouw

Project description

In April 2018, the new reception area of the Genk commissariat (police station) was officially inaugurated. The reception and interview areas have been renovated beyond recognition in collaboration with B+ architects, in order to increase safety and providing better services. The renewal of the reception area was a challenge due to the changing regulations in the field of counterterrorism and safety in general on one hand, and on the other hand the combination and integration of aesthetic, functional and technical requirements. The end result is a successful balance between aesthetics, functionality and technology and is adapted to the latest safety guidelines.


Kempische Interieurbouw

Kempische Interieurbouw started in 1997 as a two-man family business. For us, interior construction is custom work, in which we fully utilise craftsmanship, quality, creativity, sense of style, knowledge of colors and materials. We focus on private homes, shops, offices, industrial projects and increasingly on total projects. We work out your ideas systematically with our own interior architect from design to completion.

Acoustic control
In the higher part of the shapes, acoustically absorbent ceilings were installed (Gyproc® Rigitone® 8/18) to create a pleasant acoustic environment
Environmentally friendly
Gyproc® plasters and plasterboard solutions are part of the Gyproc ®’s durability strategy which implies minimal environmental impact

Key Achievements

  • Good relationship / cooperation with the installer, architectural office / architect and general contractor before and during the works
  • Complexity because of all the different kind of shapes of the ceilings with integrated technics and lighting
  • High finishing standard

Key Challenges

  • Kempische Interieurbouw did not only install the ceilings in plasterboards but also the dry walls. So overall planning and follow-up was a very important aspect
  • To transfer all the complex shapes from building plans to reality
  • To maintain all correct heights when installing the curved ceilings in conformity with regulations for public spaces, when most techniques where already there


Building owner:
Politiezone GAOZ/Midlim
Ruben Braeken – B+ Architecten
Main contractor:
Reynders B&I
Laurens Thys
Saint-Gobain Team:
SGCP BE – Gyproc: Koen Van Wezemael (Regional Manager)