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Private Home

BelgiumBelgiumCompany Name: FG Parachévement

Project description

Once upon a time, nearby the river the Ourthe, there was a small and old abandoned bungalow in the woods of Esneux. Luckily, there were Mr. and Mrs. X to buy this building and transform it into a spacious and gorgeous residence. By respect for the environment, together with the architect DSH, they chose for a completely wooden construction. The complete building is mounted in wood and with respect for the modern needs, such as insulation, ventilation, communication, heating,… At the inner side, the wooden structure has been covered overall with Gyproc® plasterboards and high level finishing with Gyproc® filler and finisher. The result is a fantastic smooth and equal surface. Glasroc® H is used for the outdoor ceiling without any visual joints or fixing points. The ceiling is insulated with Isover Isocomfort 35. All this with respecting the budget and strict deadline.


FG Parachévement

FG Parachévement is specialised in smaller but high-end projects. Years of experience ensure their projects have also a high-quality finish.

Environmentally friendly
Gyproc® plasters and plasterboard solutions are part of the Gyproc®’s durability strategy which implies minimal environmental impact

Key Achievements

  • Despite the great incidence of light and reflection on the white walls, a high-quality finish was achieved to the great satisfaction of architect and client
  • Years of experience of the contractor on comparable projects with high-quality finish
  • Good relationship / cooperation within the team / architect / building owner
  • Fulfilment of the client’s wishes based on a good understanding between architect and contractor

Key Challenges

Respecting the budget and strict deadline

The incorporation of the light coves (technical) and as consequence the indirect light on the plasterboard surfaces (aesthetical), made the finishing a very high challenge


Atelier DSH Liège
Main contractor:
FG Parachévement
R.D. Finitions – Didier Dumont
Saint-Gobain Team:
Philippe Marquis (Sales Manager) and Hugo Van Keymeulen (Project Manager), Gyproc Belgium