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Raadhuishotel - Pestana Riverside Hotel

NetherlandsNetherlandsCompany Name: Schuurmans Afbouwsystemen BV

Project description

This beautiful and characteristic building, alongside the Amstel river, was originally built as town hall of the village of Amstelveen. For many years it housed the Amsterdam Municipal Archives and a diamond cutting factory. Recently it was renovated and transformed into this state of the art 5 star-hotel: the Pestana Riverside Hotel. During the renovation the main requirements were to respect the cultural and historic values and to preserve the authentic historic construction and features of the building. The lack of any accurate measurements of the spans in the historic roof construction and logistic challenges of building inside the Amsterdam city center were circumstances which challenged the problem-solving skills of Schuurmans. Nevertheless Schuurmans managed to modernize and optimize the monumental roof construction inside the hotel rooms.


Schuurmans Afbouwsystemen BV

Schuurmans Afbouwsystemen BV from Vught is a leading drywall contractor, operating throughout The Netherlands. Schuurmans is specialised in MetalStud systems and tiling, and also focussing on residential, non-residential and renovation projects by corporate clients. Craftsmanship, gained during over 45 years of drywall experience, is the main foundation of success. From years of experience Schuurmans knows, like no other, all possibilities and applications of drywall materials.

Fire protection
Gyproc® Classic – GF 100/2.50.2.A Partition walls
Acoustic insulation
Gyproc® Classic – GF 255/2.100*100.2.AA Partition walls between hotel rooms
Robustness guarantee
Gyproc® Classic – GF 75/1.50.1 Partition walls inside the hotel rooms
Superior aesthetic and design
Gyproc® ceiling – GF 63 P/50.1 Ceilings inside the hotel rooms

Key Achievements

  • Schuurmans Afbouwsystemen BV was not only challenged to, but also succeeded in working and thinking in advance. During construction and in close communication with the customer, issues were faced and solved.
  • The close cooperation, complete transparency of the process and the desire by all parties involved to achieve the common goals have led to a successful project
  • Schuurmans Afbouwsystemen BV is proud of the high-level of craftsmanship that has been implemented in this work. This was required by the lack of drawings or measurements and the high level of demands.

Key Challenges

To transform and renovate a characteristic and historic building into a 5-star hotel.

High level of demands and requirements: preserve historic character and construction – while introducing highest standards of modern luxury.

Lacking any detailed drawings and measurements: to work only with rough sketches of the architect.

Out-of-the-box solutions are required and prefab custom-made solutions are developed.

Pure artisanal craftsmanship required to achieve solutions.

The logistic challenges of building inside the city center of Amsterdam.


Building owner:
Pestana Hotel Group
Villanova Architecten, Rotterdam
Main contractor:
Wessels, Zeist
Marcel Janssen, Schuurmans
Saint-Gobain Team:
Mark Verhoeven