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Residential Building Pontsteiger

NetherlandsNetherlandsCompany Name: Schuurmans Afbouwsystemen BV

Project description

Residential Building Pontsteiger is the new iconic Amsterdam landmark in the Houthaven-district (the former timber port). Prominently situated alongside (and almost within) the IJ-river, this 90 meters high building with its extraordinary, award winning architectural shape, represents the new gate to Amsterdam. It houses 66 high-end apartments in the horizontal top layer and 252 rental apartments, as well as corporate and parking spaces. Pontsteiger’s remarkable design, with its horizontal U-shape -almost floating over 4 pavillions- and a vertical U-shape has been rewarded with several national and international awards, like the Building Smart 2018 Award (BIM) and the Brick Award (architecture). In this building the highest demands on comfortclass, resonances and vibrations, impact sound insulation, impact and burglary resistance have been applied. The drywall solutions were fully designed in BIM.


Schuurmans Afbouwsystemen BV

Schuurmans Afbouwsystemen BV from Vught is a leading drywall contractor, operating throughout The Netherlands. Schuurmans is specialised in MetalStud systems and tiling, and also focussing on residential, non-residential and renovation projects by corporate clients. Craftsmanship, gained during over 45 years of drywall experience, is the main foundation of success. From years of experience Schuurmans knows, like no other, all possibilities and applications of drywall materials.

Robustness guarantee
Gyproc HABITO® – GF 255 HT/2.100*100.2.AA – WK2 Partition walls between apartments
Superior aesthetic and design
Gyproc ceiling – PD 65 P/55.1 Ceilings inside the apartments
Breaking resistance
Gyproc HABITO® – GF 255 HT/2.100*100.2.AA – WK2 Partition walls between apartments

Key Achievements

  • Schuurmans Afbouwsystemen has been fully in charge of the complete drywall process and solutions throughout the building.
  • By spending more time in advance on clever work preparation in BIM only half of the originally planned manpower was necessary.
  • The achievements of Schuurmans Afbouwsystemen in Pontsteiger have led to follow-up orders and excellent relationship with the contractor
  • Pontsteiger was the first major Habito project in the Netherlands ( 65.000 m2)
  • Pontsteiger has been rewarded with several national and international awards: Building Smart 2018 Award (BIM) Brick Award 2018 (architecture) Best Building Amsterdam 2019

Key Challenges

The highest standards had to be applied for comfort class, acoustics, thermic, burglary protection and fire safety.

Extensive and detailed planning was required, since each apartment had to be treated individually: inside this project Schuurmans Afbouwsystemen BV handled 66 ‘miniprojects’.

Logistic challenges:
just-in-time deliveries to the city centre from the logistic hub
Complicated logistics on site: from a certain point the building elevators and cranes were no longer available


Building owner:
Bouwinvest Dutch Residential Fund, Amsterdam
Arons & Gelauff Architecten, Amsterdam
Main contractor:
Dura Vermeer & De Nijs
Bas Stoffelsen / TImeWriters ; Pieter-Bas Doornebal / Eyelike
Saint-Gobain Team:
Mark Verhoeven, Stephan Vlaanderen