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GreeceGreeceCompany Name: Terna & Impregilo Joint-Venture

Project description

SNFCC is a sustainable, world-class cultural, educational and recreational urban complex, an open public space offering a multitude of cultural, educational, athletic, environmental activities and events, thus redefining the concept of public space. The complex , which has restored the site’s lost connections with the city and the sea, includes new facilities for the National Library of Greece and the Greek National Opera, located within the Stavros Niarchos Park, one of the largest green areas in Athens, covering 21 hectares. The building of the National Library of Greece combines the tradition with technological innovation. Its design ensures that the National Library will respond effectively to the ever changing needs and challenges of the digital era. Through the installation of advanced climate control, preservation and digitization systems, the building will ensure that the Library’s significant rare manuscript collection will be available for future generations of scholars.


Terna & Impregilo Joint-Venture

TERNA was founded in 1972 and since then it has been actively involved in the implementation of a broad spectrum of public and private projects of considerable budget and complex know-how, such as the construction of Railway and Highway networks, of high-quality office buildings, hospitals, museums, resorts, hydro-electric plants, dams, harbours, industrial facilities, etc. In 1999, following a merger it became is the construction company of GEK TERNA Group. Three sub-contractors were hired to work on this project: AGKON Construction S.A, N. Papadimitrakis & CO and DOMOTEK IKE AGKON Construction S.A. was founded in 2007 and is based in Athens. The main object of the company is the provision of reliable, effective and quality services in the design, construction and renovation of buildings and residences. AGKON Construction SA specialized in modern materials and “green” technology, with the aim to create artisan construction projects with modern technological specifications, characterised by quality and high energy Performance. N. Papadimitrakis & Co was one of the first companies in Greece to specialise in dry construction. With over 30 years of experience in this field, the company is known for its high quality know-how and results. The services provided range from the design and planning of the project, its proper assessment, with proper management of its quality, but also its safety. After 20 years of engineering experience in design as well as in operations of critical infrastructure, Domotek offers technology driven solutions to any everyday need and for any sector. The services include traffic engineering, risk analysis, Intelligent Building Systems, real estate consulting and renovations.

Fire protection
Perforated Rigitone Air boards
Acoustic insulation
Perforated Rigitone Air boards
Robustness guarantee
Rigidur linings
Superior aesthetic and design
Perforated Rigitone Air boards
Environmentally friendly
Rigips RB, RBI, RF, RFI boards – LEED criteria (production site less than 800km / Pre-recycled content)

Key Achievements

  • A good Relationship/ Cooperation built with Construction Co & Subcontractor teams
  • Appliance of certified solutions that meet regulatory requirements within Budget constraints
  • Brand promotion to Market stakeholders (Distribution Network, Architects, Construction companies)
  • Optimism and Confidence within the Organisation for any future project

Key Challenges

  • Need for alternative solutions to the original study and in a short time period due to Competition needs.
  • A relationship of trust has been established with the Contractor regarding the capability of Rigips at all project phases (from design to implementation) in all issues (Documentation, Technical, Logistics, Pricing) of the project
  • Supply products from abroad in the specific time schedule even under National financial restrictions (Capital Controls)
  • Training of our company and all stakeholders involved in the project, in order to guarantee proper application and reduced costs
  • JV Support to Project’s LEED certification.


Building owner:
Stavros Niarchos Foundation
Renzo Piano building workshop
Main contractor:
Terna & Impregilo JV
Join Venture Impregilo S.p.A. – TERNA S.A.
Saint-Gobain Team:
Manos Giannakopoulos