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The Westlake

United StatesUnited StatesCompany Name: Sareth Builders

Project description

The Westlake is a 13,000 sq. ft. (1,208 sqm), high performance custom luxury single-family home, which includes an indoor pool and has achieved Zero Net Energy Ready certification. The home was designed for a couple nearing retirement that wanted a large home to accommodate their children, future grandchildren, parents and guests. The environmentally conscious owners prioritised a healthy, low energy use, sustainable home that would accommodate them as they aged so that they would never need to move in the event of ageing related issues.


Sareth Builders

Sareth Builders is proud to design and build the finest sustainable homes available using the most energy efficient renewable materials and advanced construction techniques. We pay attention to important details that most other home designers and builders omit. Our key areas of focus are: Family Functional & Universally Designed: Sareth Homes are created with multi-generational families in mind. The homes we build accommodate busy, activity filled lifestyles and are suitable to all demographics including children and family members with physical limitations. Wider doors and entries, appropriately placed switches and outlets, higher toilets, varied counter levels, curb-less shower entries, and much more all contribute to a home that works for its owners. 21st Century Technology & Architectural Elegance: We believe a home should be welcoming, comfortable, easy to live in, easy to maintain and beautiful. A home should be a special place where family wants to spend time, where memories are made and where guests want to visit. Sareth will model and build your home to achieve these important goals. Energy Efficiency & Sustainability: Sareth homes employ many of the latest advancements in insulation and in-home environmental, mechanical and passive technology which results in significantly reduced energy consumption and cost while helping the environment by substantially reducing our carbon footprint. This goal is achieved through very thoughtful analysis, implementation.

Indoor air quality
CertainTeed 5/8” AirRenew® Drywall was used throughout the home as part of a system to improve indoor air quality.
Moisture resistance
AirRenew M2Tech drywall was used in bathrooms, kitchen and the 3000 sq. ft. (278 sqm) pool house.
Superior aesthetic and design
CertainTeed roofing shingles were selected for the home for their superior aesthetic appearance and high quality.
Easy to transport boards
CertainTeed Easi-Lite light weight drywall was used to improve contractor productivity and ease of installation.

Key Achievements

  • Very detailed execution plan for the architect’s design
  • Material delivery in very short timeslot
  • Invention of a new solution Good relationship/cooperation within the tea

Key Challenges

Aging in Place Design – the luxury residential home is designed for a couple as a home with first floor living and enough space to accommodate their children, and grandchildren for years to come.

Zero Energy Ready Home certification – The achievement of this certification is a significant accomplishment for any residential project, but quite unique for a home of this size and scale! The average 2,600 sq. ft. (241 sqm) American home with 8 ft. ceilings uses approximately 9 MSF of drywall. The Westlake is a 13,000 sq. ft. (1,207 sqm) home with 10 ft. ceilings and used 50 MSF of drywall, more than 5.5 times that of the average single-family new home in the USA!

Indoor Air Quality – Healthy indoor air was achieved in part through use of CertainTeed’s AirRenew® drywall, which contributes to improved indoor air quality by passively absorbing formaldehyde from the air.


Building owner:
Thomas Liggett, The Arcus Group
Main contractor:
Stephen Kamrass, Sareth Builders LLC
Dan Morgan/Straight Shooter
Saint-Gobain Team:
Curtis Stewart, Strategic Accounts Manager US, CertainTeed; Steve Hawkins, Vice President of Sales US, CertainTeed