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World One

IndiaIndiaCompany Name: DHIPL Projects Pvt Ltd / Interiors Designer Decorators Pvt Ltd

Project description

Rising majestically above the Mumbai city and the Arabian sea, World Towers stands as the tallest iconic residential tower in the world. World One, is a supertall residential skyscraper with 117 floors. The campus is with in-house amenities such as gymnasium, swimming pool, mini theatre, retail, boutiques, gardens, restaurants & cafés. All the apartment walls are constructed with international standard of acoustic comfort & fire safety using Gyproc Drywall systems in dry, wet and shaft areas.


DHIPL Projects Pvt Ltd / Interiors Designer Decorators Pvt Ltd

DHIPL Projects Pvt Ltd: Lead by a team of experienced, hands-on Management Team, Decor Homes was started in 1989 by 3 entrepreneurs, who have harnessed each other’s strengths to grow the company with a turnover of US $30 million.By having a synergy with quality building material and technology, we can apply new techniques to projects and in the end, give a better output and also adhere to challenging project timelines.From first thought to final nail, we strive to achieve perfection, with a passion to exceed our clients expectations. DHIPL is an ISO & OHSAS certified company. We have been consistently recognized for our commitment. Interiors Designers & Decorators Pvt Ltd: Interiors Designers Decorators Private Limited is a Private incorporated on 21 December 2010.

Fire protection
2 hour fire rated secure wall systems used for apartment-apartment separations and common areas
Moisture resistance
MR and Fibre Cement boards provided in wet area drywalls and ceilings for moisture resistance and marble cladding
Acoustic control
50 dB acoustic performance drywalls provided
Being high rise tower, drywalls usage resulted in huge structural savings
Superior aesthetic and design
Curved wall solutions provided in common areas
Productivity gain
Being high rise tower, drywalls usage ensured site productivity and faster completion
Light weight
Gypsum plasterboards being light weight were easy to transport in this tallest residential tower in the country
Breaking resistance
127.8 mm Secure wall with 0.8 mm GI perforated sheet sandwiched between FR boards provided for apartment – apartment separations and common areas

Key Achievements

  • Successfully designed and executed Drywalls in the Tallest Residential property in the country
  • Designed and executed first Secure Wall solution in India
  • Identified site challenges and developed new solution to match clients requirement (Metal GSM120 to AZ 150)
  • Flushed Skirting in majority of walls
  • Curved Walls executed in Lobby areas
  • Sliding door solution using MS pipes.
  • High Performance solutions (Fire rating – 2 hrs, Acoustics (Rw) > 45). First Residential project in India with both Fire shaft executed with Drywalls
  • Complete solution offering of Gyproc® Systems (Drywalls, Ceilings).
  • Saint-Gobain’s dedicated technical resource at site assuring cost effective and correct use of products and systems.Timely site audits, onsite training & demonstrations for installers which helped to expedite & refine the quality of drywall.

Key Challenges

Drywall being a new concept in India for Residential, we encountered below challenges during execution.

Possibility of Rain water leakage through shafts causing damage to boards.
Vertical loading of materials considering the height of the tower
Probable Drywall damage while polishing the flooring or by other agencies while executing their work.
Possibility of Fungus formation on gypsum boards due to rain water dripping on boards.
As site is in close proximity of sea. this has caused rusting of GSM-120 metal sections which was then converted to AZ-150.
On time completion was a challenge for the project which was achieved through proper planning of resources – labour & material, as well as usage of drywall tools for improved productivity.

We have succeeded in dealing with the challenges by creating awareness about the product & systems by onsite trainings, demonstrations, explanations on system performance & impacts, site meetings etc


Building owner:
Lodha Group
Pei Cobb Freed & Partners
Main contractor:
DHIPL Projects Pvt Ltd / Interiors Designer Decorators Pvt Ltd
Ashwin Panchal
Saint-Gobain Team:
Mr.Kapil Vairagi, Mr.Balakrishnan Perumal, Mr.Pankaj Mehta