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Bangkok Boulevard Clubhouse

ThailandThailandCompany Name : TKK ONE GROUP CO., LTD

Project description

Inspired by Mont Blanc mountain for “Club House” of the luxury housing village that can enhance the total value of the properties. The aesthetic of the building is the key differentiation of properties from the others.

Offered a seamless roofing solution for luxury residential Thai private compounds / villages segment of single house.

Main information

Building size

2 000 m²

Building purpose / type

Clubhouse in the
luxury village

Building owner name


Architect name



Company name: TKK ONE GROUP CO., LTD

Main Representative: Mr. Thitiwat

Number of collaborators: 150-200 persons

Specialties: Drywall Celling, Window frame

Founded in: 2009

Biography: Ceiling, drywall, window frame, and interior installer.

Innovation Partner: SAINT – GOBAIN (Thailand)

Contractor: Mr. Thitiwat

Key Challenges

  • First time façade roof system for all stakeholders.

  • System durability and warranty.

  • Curve ability of the board (minimum 1m Radius).

  • Tight Installation timeline.

  • Cracking and jointing issue.

Key Achievements

  • Created inspiration to all stakeholders – Limitless Design.
  • Created new business opportunities to all business partners.
  • First building in Thailand that has no jointing part – Glasroc X for roof and wall.
  • Replace customer perspective of External Gypsum Drywall vs. Fiber cement.
  • Real showcase of Saint-Gobain as leader of Light and Sustainable Construction – Improving everyday life through high performance solutions.

Saint-Gobain products & systems

Allows curved design
Glasroc X Roofing Solution
Glasroc X Facade Wall Solution
Smooth manual finish
Glasroc X Ceiling Solution
Moisture resistance
Waterproof system weberdry PUD and weberdry fleece PE60 on corner

Saint-Gobain Team

Mr. Natthapong Singhsilarak
Ms. Supatchaneeya Rungrit

Photographer’s name

Mr. Peechaphatch Pong-Im