Lisbon 2018 | Residential

Ballycotton House

IrelandIrelandCompany Name: Rose Construction

Project description

This elegant home is located in the fishing village of Ballycotton which is located in the South East corner of Ireland in County Cork. The 435m2 building is split level with a reinforced concrete framework and a combination of zinc and natural stone cladding, and a grass roof. Both the client and the design team were keen to address the issues of robustness and flexibility with regard to wall linings. Gyproc technical specification presented the newly launched Habito® plasterboard to both the architects and the contractors. The home owner was very receptive to the innovative features and unique benefits of the Habito® plasterboard. The use of Habito® plasterboard throughout this project satisfied all the project stakeholders performance requirements whilst ensuring a high end aesthetic finish.


Rose Construction

Rose Construction is a family-owned and operated firm with more than 36 years of experience. Since 1982, its mission has been to join clients in pursuit of their goals by providing innovative, responsive and quality construction services. The company places a priority on developing client relationships that go beyond contractual, and being available for all of their needs at any time.

Key Achievements

  • Long standing relationship with both designers and contractors.
  • Demonstration of key performance attributes of Habito® Plasterboard and client approval.
  • Contractor now promotes the use of Habito® plasterboard on all his projects.

Key Challenges

  • Reinforced concrete framework for structural reasons and cliff-side site conditions.
  • Demonstration of the suitability of the newly launched Habito® plasterboard to meet the client requirements.
  • Due to the location and inherent weather conditions, the design of the exterior cladding was a critical element for the architects.


Building owner:
Kiosk Architects
Rose Construction
Main contractor:
Thanner GMBH
Maann Photography
Saint-Gobain Team:
Evan O’Keeffe