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BCIS Education center Phuket

ThailandThailandCompany Name: Indo Construction Phuket Ltd.

Project description

When building an education center one must consider everything from market demand to quality of education to quality of life, as students spend one third of the day in school. In order to meet the needs of these factors, we needed to choose construction that will be easy to modify, safe to clean, strong, environmentally friendly and energy efficient. It is also imperative the center be within the standards set by the Ministry. Timing is an important part of this project as we had only 10 weeks to finish construction on the 10 new buildings. As the building is temporary, we hope to take the material that we used in installation to reuse in the permanent building. Gyproc Habito® board was chosen and installed to meet all requirements.


Indo Construction Phuket Ltd.

Indo Construction was born in 1992 Bangkok Thailand by Liberto Heras – Gomez and a few employees who followed him on many projects throughout the word. Most of the team was Thai nationals, so it was natural to settle the new company in Thailand and to focus its activity on building projects and maintenance service. their aim is to provide an international standard of delivery and service. Indo Construction now employs 500 people. The experience gained on large projects, where high qualification and resource management are key is the major strength of Indo Construction, allowing them to provide high quality services and products to their customers. The operations of Indo Construction are composed of the Construction Division and Mechanical division. The first works on the superstructure building process from draft and design to full completion and operational status. The Mechanical Division handles the inner-structure installation process, also from draft and design to full operational status. This division assures all maintenance programs for electricity (high and low power system), air conditioning and plumbing systems. Indo Construction provides complete engineering studies and cost control services.

Fixing capability
Gyproc Habito Board on twin frames 30 kg/point
Recycling certified
Eco-Friendly Product and can reuseable
Impact resistant
Used Gyproc Habito Board on twin frames
Term cost
used Gyproc Regular board and Gyproc CasoROC apply to main corridor and classroom
Acoustic insulation
Used Gyproc Habito Board on twin frames approx. 40 dB

Key Achievements

  • Good collaboration between Saint-Gobain Sales & Technical team to support customers on site.
  • Required construction time of 10 weeks achieved in only 8.
  • Good sound quality, provide an effective learning environment.
  • Efficient energy saving throughout the building.
  • Foster a positive environment for parents and students.

Key Challenges

Need for technical support and quick installation with the product quality to fulfil all requirements (Sound insulation, Fire resistant, Fixing capability).
Products that provide ease of maintenance and renovation in the future and also have to good thermal and sound insulation.


Building owner:
BCIS Education Center Phuket Co., Ltd.
Three.L.H Co., Ltd.
Main contractor:
Indo Construction Phuket Ltd.
Walid Kamel
Saint-Gobain Team:
1. Boonpartan Phasaparhas2. Pitchayaporn Neamnoi3. Pawan Molsriwath