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GermanyGermanyCompany Name: Günther Pellinger Innenausbau

Project description

The company Brainlab was founded by CEO Stefan Vilsmeier in Munich in 1989 and provides since then software applications ranging from patient positioning in radiosurgery treatments to software-guided surgical navigation to cloud-based solutions that facilitate the secure exchange of medical images. Fueled by the drive to increase access to and consistency of treatment, Brainlab focuses on boosting cancer survivorship by developing new invasive methods to treat cancers of the brain and body and increase patient comfort during treatment. Their new headquarters were built around the tower of the former Munich airport and the building was officially inaugurated in July 2017 by the German chancellor Angela Merkel. Günther Pellinger and his team had to solve two major challenges. 1) In the auditorium brain-like organic elements had to be mounted exactly to the walls and the ceiling . 2) In the entrance area to the board offices, a light installation similar to a target had to be created.


Günther Pellinger Innenausbau

The company was founded in 2004 by Mr. Günther Pellinger. He specialises in all types of interior work such as drylining, fireprotection and flooring. He also acts as general contractor. The bases of his success are reliability combined with sound technical knowlege and the highest craftsmanship skills. Particular attention is given to customer service from the enquiry to a transparent and detailed invoicing. The highest quality standard is guaranteed even in the execution of very demanding projects. Their continously growing cucstomer base is the best proof for their strategy: to offer individual solutions for a fair price.

Fixing capability
Rigips Habito guaranteed the fixing of the heavy organic elements weighting 25 kg/m² with screws only.
Load bearing guarantee
Rigips Habito could be used without further enhancement of the substructure to mount the heavy elements weighting 25 kg/m²
Smooth mecanical finish
An excellent surface finish in Q4 quality was realised in the auditorium and entrance area with ProMix Plus.
Fire protection
Rigips Habito as a multifunctional pruduct increased the fire protection of the room due it’s A2 classification.

Key Achievements

  • The auditorium conveys exactly the impression of the architect’s initial idea: Our brain in action.
  • Rigips Habito® was used in an unusual and innovative way with laser technology to mount and create organic forms.
  • Excellent support by the Rigips technician.
  • The product innovation Rigips Habito® has more properties than Saint-Gobain thought of: lasing is possible for cutting and for marking shapes.

Key Challenges

The key challenge for Günther Pellinger was to find a way to realise the architect’s specific graphical sketches for the auditorium and the entrance area with the means of drylining. Benisch architects designed the auditorium walls and ceilings with brain-like and backlit organic elements. These heavy elements with a weight of 25 kg/m² had to be mounted to a suspended ceiling and to the wall on the precise spots according to the design plan. Furthermore neither the fixing points nor the backlighting ought to be visible for the audience. As a second challenge a light installation similar to a target had to be realised in the entrance area to the board offices.
Both challenges were solved with Rigips Habito by using laser technology. Günther Pellinger discovered, that a laser beam can be used on the Rigips Habito to highlight the outlines of the organic forms als well as to cut the tiles precisely into the required shapes. Really an incredibly innovative approach!


Building owner:
Brainlab AG, München
Markus Benesch Creates, München
Main contractor:
Günther Pellinger Innenausbau, Hebertshausen
Brainlab AG, München
Saint-Gobain Team:
Mr. Martin Fischer