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Cattolica Center

ItalyItalyCompany Name: Campagnola Geom. Giorgio Costruzioni Generali srl,

Project description

Cattolica Center is a multifunctional space located in the Zai district of Verona and was born from the reconversion of a large industrial building of the early 60s, where the Autogerma headquarters were located. The main scope of the requalification project was to recover the architectural features of the building and adapt the spaces to current regulations, through a series of interventions aimed at anti-seismic reinforcing of the load-bearing structures, fire protection, and acoustic correction. The roofing of the building consists of 26 large “dome” structures with large shed windows that illuminate the interior spaces which were previously plastered with an old and deteriorated product. The existing plaster was replaced by an innovative Saint-Gobain Gyproc solution, specifically designed for this project, in order to improve both fire protection and sound absorption.


Campagnola Geom. Giorgio Costruzioni Generali srl,

Campagnola Society Geom. Giorgio Costruzioni Generali S.r.l. is based in Verona and operates in all the fields of the construction sector. The technical office is composed of highly qualified staff and is equipped with modern technological tools. To perform precise and efficient services, the Campagnola Company Geom. Giorgio Costruzioni srl is equipped with its own large fleet of vehicles with specialized personnel and advanced equipment for construction sites.

Indoor air quality
Thanks to Gyproc Gyptone Activ’Air® the absorption and neutralization of formaldehyde was guaranteed in conference rooms
Acoustic control
Sound absorption with Gyproc Gyptone Line 6 Activ’Air
Fire protection
Thanks to Gyproc Igniver, R/REI 60 was guaranteed in slabs and metal structures; with Gyproc Fireline EI 120 in common spaces and conference rooms

Key Achievements

  • Long-standing collaboration/relationship with the contactor’s team
  • Invention of a new solution by the combination of two plasters, in order to create a tailor-made solution, on the base of the owner’s requests
  • Performance beyond regulatory requirement as far as fire protection is concerned

Key Challenges

The existing plaster was so damaged that a specific solution was created, with the aim of improving both fire protection and sound absorption – consisting of the application of one Gyproc Igniver® layer and a further layer of Gyproc® Acoustical Plastic, both laid with 15 mm of thickness and anchored to a supporting metal net with anti-seismic function.


Building owner:
Cattolica Beni Immobili srl
Arch. Claudio Tezza
Main contractor:
Campagnola Geom. Giorgio Costruzioni Generali srl, Verona
Lorenzo Bartoli
Saint-Gobain Team:
Daniele Sartorato, Matteo Ederle, Mario Agrusti