Lisbon 2018 | Ceilings

Centro Direzionale via dell'Arte

ItalyItalyCompany Name: Coiver Contract Centro srl

Project description

The directional center in Via Dell’Arte 25 consists of 3 elegant and functional buildings dating back to the 70s. It is located in the prestigious EUR district which is one of the most important and famous tertiary poles of the capital. Building B, the largest of the buildings with about 20,000 square meters of offices, was the first to be completely refinished, with the aim of recovering the architectural features of the facades and modernizing the interior spaces, making them more functional and flexible to the typical needs of contemporary workplaces. The complex offers high standards in terms of both technology and aesthetics, with advanced design solutions and systems – based on maximum energy efficiency and very low environmental impact – aiming at achieving the prestigious international LEED Gold certification.


Coiver Contract Centro srl

COIVER CONTRACT has been operating in the building sector for over three decades, working, in particular, with interior finishings. During this period, thanks to the interventions made in big jobsites, it achieved an excellent level of knowledge in the dry systems sector, consolidating a continuous and profitable partnership with Saint-Gobain Gyproc. COIVER CONTRACT offers a “Made in Italy” service based on innovative technical and architectural solutions, with attention to details and customer budget needs. The headquarters is located in Cormano, close to Milan. The offices and production facilities are located in an area of ​​over 4,000 square meters. The secondary offices in Rome and Turin complete the territorial presence.

Indoor air quality
Thanks to Gyptone Big Curve Line 6 Activ’Air® and Rigitone Activ’Air® 8/18 the absorption and neutralization of formaldehyde was guaranteed
Excellent aesthetics
Significant aesthetic impact
Acoustic control
Gyproc Gyptone Big Activ’Air® Line and Rigitone Activ’Air® 8/18 for acoustic absorption in open space offices, ground floor hall and meeting rooms
Fire protection
Thanks to Gyproc Igniver, R/REI 90/120 was guaranteed in bearing existing structures in all floors

Key Achievements

  • Aesthetic requalification of the interior spaces of the historic building
  • Improvement of the acoustic absorption of existing historic spaces
  • Air quality improvement in closed environments
  • LEED GOLD certification

Key Challenges

  • – The applicator has molded the ceilings following the shapes of the existing structures, creating a customized layout.
  • The objectives were:
    – High aesthetic impact for an optimal match with the planned design
    – High sound absorption for a greater working comfort in the open spaces


Building owner:
IDeA FIMIT sgr Fondo Omega spa
Arch. Giacomo Sicuro
Main contractor:
Coiver Contract Centro srl
Lorenzo Bartoli
Saint-Gobain Team:
Federica Carimati, Antonello Crisci