Lisbon 2018 | Plasterboard

Chodov Shopping Center

Czech RepublicCzech RepublicCompany Name: EKOMONT spol. s r.o.

Project description

New building is a new part of shopping mall Centrum Chodov in southern part of Prague. Definitely it is the largest a most modern shopping mall in Czech Republic. For construction was used about 130,000 m² of plasterboard. The architecture of the whole project was designed by the biggest Czech design studio OBERMEYER HELIKA a.s., in cooperation with Benoy Architecture. The building process was performed in rapidly short time compare to the size of building. It was possible only in the way dry wall technology. Beside huge volume of standard plasterboards there were used other special boards as gypsum fibreboard Rigidur® and construction plasterboard RigiStabil®.


EKOMONT spol. s r.o.

One of the biggest company for drywall technology in Czech Republic, Founded 1995. long-term cooperating with Rigips CZ.

Excellent aesthetics
Aesthetics and possibility to install a number of plasterboards and constructions in a very short period of time. The largest project in Czech Rep.

Key Achievements

  • High-level interior aesthetics of the shopping mall. A very large building created in a very short time. Only one possibility of construction of above 130, 000 m² of plasterboard. The result of work of all participants is creation of the largest new-fashioned and modern space for shopping.

Key Challenges

The design of the interior is more modern and richer in comparison with similar buildings.
Especially the suspended curve shaped lightning ramps are overwhelming. These were produced as prefabricated parts and then suspended to the final position and finished with jointing compounds. In the corridors, soundproof Rigitone® boards areas covered with thin layer of special final acoustic plaster were also used. Large amount of different multilevel ceilings with special direct or indirect lighting was applied. Finally, lots of normal plasterboard partitions dividing the whole building to many smaller shops were created.


Building owner:
Peter Černák, Unibail-Rodamco, Centrum Chodov, a.s.
Russell Ward, Benoy Architecture
Main contractor:
Antonín Kovařík, EKOMONT
Jan Kroupa
Saint-Gobain Team:
Lukáš Bach