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City Life

ItalyItalyCompany Name: Coiver Contract srl

Project description

CityLife represents one of the biggest urban renewal projects in Europe, with its balanced mix of public and private services. The project was a collaboration between three internationally renowned architects; Zaha Hadid, Daniel Libeskind and Arata Isozaki. The Hadid Tower stands out for its “spiral” shape and the curving lines of the building facades and interiors. Its base emerges slowly and sinuously from the soil, welcoming the shopping arcade and the pedestrian paths. The Shopping Centre extends around the three towers and consists of a commercial gallery with shops and restaurants overlooking the third-largest urban park of Milan. Walls and ceilings consist of plasterboards, Gyproc® Wallboard and Gyproc® Flex 6, assembled with insulating panels in Italian glasswool Isover® PAR 4+. Gyproc® Flex 6 are the thinnest boards of the Gyproc® range, ideal for architectural solutions that provide curved lines with a particular aesthetic effect.


Coiver Contract srl

COIVER CONTRACT has been operating in building sector for over three decades, dealing in particular with interior finishings. During this period, thanks also to the interventions made in big jobsites, it achieved a level of know-how in dry systems sector, consolidating a continuous and profitable partnership with Saint-Gobain Gyproc. COIVER CONTRACT offers a “Made in Italy” service based on innovative technical and architectural solutions, with attention for details and customer budget needs. The headquarter is located in Cormano, close to Milan. The offices and production facilities are located in an area of ​​over 4,000 square meters. The secondary offices in Rome and Turin complete the territorial presence.

About 200 different walls have been dimensioned in height – Gyproc Fireline, Gyproc Lisaflam and Gyproc Lisaplac
Superior aesthetic and design
All the rooms in the building have been designed with particular attention to aesthetics
Acoustic insulation
Thanks to Gyproc plasterboards + Isover PAR 4+ in different thicknesses Rw up to 66 dB was reached everywhere, in particular in cinemas rooms.
Fire protection
Gyproc Fireline, Lisaflam and Lisaplac – EI 120 / Class A1 Lisaflam walls for escape routes – Lisaplac for walls that did not need

Key Achievements

  • Good relationship/cooperation within the team
  • Technical know-how of the contractor, who is used to manage construction sites of this caliber
  • Fire performance beyond regulatory requirement

Key Challenges

  • The huge spaces of both shopping centre and the tower made the work more challenging
  • Technical difficulty in designing and carrying out the specific spiral shape. The particular shape of the building made it necessary to expressly design the expansion joints of the continuous ceilings, especially in the lower floors, where Rigitone® Activ’Air® was installed
  • In the area of the cinema, it was difficult to reconcile, at the same time, static, fire-resistance and cost-affordability criteria with the acoustic requirement, which was fundamental for the customer


Building owner:
CityLife spa, Milano
Zaha Hadid Architects, London
Main contractor:
Coiver Contract srl
Lorenzo Bartoli
Saint-Gobain Team:
Federica Carimati, Antonello Crisci