Lisbon 2018 | Residential

Detached House

SpainSpainCompany Name: HIGARSYSTEM, S.L.

Project description

This detached house is newly constructed in the province of Barcelona. A modern image, with a minimalist and bright interior, this is a project that not only meets the requirements of CTE, but also has some finished care. To provide the correct thermal insulation to the facade, a Placotherm® system has been chosen. Part of the materials used in the work have been Glasroc® X, and BA and PPM plasterboard according to the requirements. The difficulty implicit in the design of the project must be highlighted in the work, with a large number of curves both in partitions and ceilings, as in the decoration on the ceilings that at the same time serves to hide the indirect lighting, with an excellent final finish in all cases.



HIGARSYSTEM SL is a company located in Barcelona dedicated to the realization of activities and provision of services of rehabilitation of buildings, construction, and specialized in the installation of systems of construction in dry. It currently employs about 45 workers who perform all kinds of jobs including residential and non-residential.

Fire protection
With BA plasterboard and mineral wool60′ fire rating resistance
Acoustic insulation
Placotherm V Façade and BA in internal wallsAcoustic insulation in façade > 50 dBAAcoustic insulation in internal walls > 50 dBA
Superior aesthetic and design
BA 6 mm and profilesCurved ceilings and walls

Key Achievements

  • Placotherm® V as support of new finishing: airless metallised paint.
  • Architecture and functionality through to the curved partition design in order to make daily life easier.
  • Overcoming of the performance beyond regulatory requirements.
  • Perfect finishing with indirect lights and different shapes and volumes.
  • Close work between installer, owner and design team give the possibility to participate with plasterboard facade solutions on a relevant project.

Key Challenges

  • New finishing on Placotherm® V facade using airless metallised paint.
  • Development of different outdoor curved shapes of the façade.
  • Design and installation of external furniture with Placotherm® V façade (streetlight and barbecue)
  • Installation of curved shapes on indoor walls and ceilings.


Building owner:
JOSE ELIES (designer)
Main contractor:
Antonio Leao
Saint-Gobain Team: