Lisbon 2018 | Residential


RomaniaRomaniaCompany Name: PF Negurici

Project description

The project includes a set of 19 exclusive new buildings with underground and above ground parking, 700 luxury apartments (of 1, 2, 3 and 4 rooms, fully equipped to Western standards), modern finishes, and amenities of the highest quality. The Exclusive Residence complex is distinguished by three of the most important elements that define the concept of architectural perfection: luxury, comfort and safety. Exclusive Residence means space, harmony, luxury, a touch of bourgeois and a bohemian lifestyle. A balanced combination of the concept of private space, secluded from the busy everyday life, and cosmopolitan accents of Copou outline Exclusive Residence as an emblematic project of Iasi. The apartments are modern, with large, bright windows, the terrace of each apartment is generous, the location is protected from traffic and noise of the boulevard, and it has a courtyard and parking, with controlled access, available only for residents and visitors.


PF Negurici

Three brothers, all math teachers, make up PF Negurici. In 2010, after being part of the IT project for Questura di Roma, they decided to invest in real estate business. For this project they have invested in the most exclusive and luxurious residential complexes in one of the biggest cities in Romania.

Load bearing guarantee
Rigidur for the kitchens in the entire complex
Impact resistant
Moisture resistance
Acoustic insulation
62 Db; ceilings with Rigips Fonic
Fire protection
EI 120

Key Achievements

  • Convinced the investors to opt for Saint-Gobain products. (They were Knauf “fans”).
  • Convinced the investors to opt for the two innovations at that time (2010-2012): Aquaroc® for the pool, Rigidur® for suspended furniture at the kitchen area, as well as for the floor and parking area. The solutions were chosen after a negotiation of 2 (two) years.
  • Choose Rigidur® solution for kitchen areas – an innovation at that time.
  • Implementation of new solutions at that time: Aquaroc® for the pool, Rigidur® for kitchens and floating floors along with Isover basaltic wool, triple layers of solar glazing (4 Seasons from Saint-Gobain Glass).
  • Good relationship/cooperation between the investors, contractor, architect and the Saint-Gobain team – Project Manager, Marketing and Technical specialists, Product Managers, Demonstrators.

Key Challenges

  • Combining luxury elements with comfort and safety
  • Choosing the best solutions so as to deliver custom-made apartments
  • Opting for Rigidur® solution for kitchen areas – an innovation at that time
  • Organizing demos on construction site with Aquaroc®, Rigidur®, Rigiprofil® and wet products
  • Producing and delivering in due time products with atypical dimensions: Rigips RB, RBI, RF, etc. with 2.50 m, 2.75 m and 3.00 m, as well as Rigiprofil® metallic profiles at 2.85 m, 2.90 m


Building owner:
Marta Negurici
Angela Ioan
Main contractor:
Ovidiu Negurici
Negurici Mihai Adrian
Saint-Gobain Team:
Willi Heisu, Lucian Caprarin, Bogdan Balan