Lisbon 2018 | Plaster

FitzRoy House

United KingdomUnited KingdomCompany Name: Taylor Hart

Project description

FitzRoy House is Europe’s largest adolescent mental health facility. The purpose-built, two-storey facility brings together a range of healthcare services that were previously housed in two separate buildings. Designed to be a leading light in the provision of young people’s mental health care, the main objective throughout the project was to create a flexible, durable, healthy building with a robust quality finish that would require minimal maintenance in a very busy environment. Throughout the design process, the aim was to create the best possible internal environment to facilitate patient recovery. P+HS Architects consulted with psychiatrists, nursing teams, occupational therapists and patients on various aspects of the design. A focus on quality and wellbeing was paramount at every stage of the process, particularly when it came to plastering and interior design.


Taylor Hart

Taylor Hart Ltd began by working almost exclusively in the demanding retail sector of construction, concentrating largely on providing suspended ceilings and drywall installation services. By means of training or by acquisition THL’s expertise has gradually grown over the years to be able to include a greater selection of interrelated trades. This in turn has enhanced its value and attractiveness to clients from all sectors of the industry. As always however THL continue to follow its core objectives of providing unparalleled commitment to a project once appointed, working as a team within the organisation, adopting a non-adversarial approach to contracts, and providing service as the number one priority.

Robustness guarantee
Gyproc DuraLine, Thistle HardWall plaster
Acoustic insulation
Isover Acoustic Partition Roll 1200
Fire protection
Indoor air quality
Thistle PureFinish plaster

Key Achievements

  • Extremely high standard of finish achieved throughout.
  • Delivered a healthcare facility that is widely regarded as a centre of excellence.
  • Plastering won Gold in the Finishes and Interiors Sector Contractors Awards 2017.

Key Challenges

Delivering a consistently high standard of finish across a sensitive project.
Maintaining correct working temperatures for installing such a high volume of two-coat plaster.
Sourcing and coordinating the number of skilled plasterers required to deliver this project.
Overcoming inaccuracies in the blockwork construction, while also keeping the installation on schedule.


Building owner:
St Andrews Healthcare
P+HS Architcects
Main contractor:
Galliford Try
Phil Hedley
Saint-Gobain Team:
Mathew Tidmas (British Gypsum)