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G2A Arena Jasionka

PolandPolandCompany Name: FRB Michalski

Project description

G2A Arena is the largest Exhibition and Congress Centre in Podkarpacie, with a total area over 27 thousand m². The exhibition and congress section can function independently or in one single space. The location of the centre is easily accessible from the airport. The CWK was established within the Regional Operational Program Development of Eastern Poland for the years 2007-2013. The building is in the shape of a dome connected with a cone section. Inside there are circular and radius ceilings, between which solutions with RIGITONE® RL 8-15-20 Super and GYPTONE® BIG (about 5000 m²) panels are used. Other rooms are have unusual levels and shapes such as ovals, circles, arches, and waves.


FRB Michalski

The FRB Michalski company was established in 2002, but their experience dates back to the mid-1990s. The company specializes in modern interior finishes both comprehensively and selectively. It is based mainly on interior plaster finishes. He has a license of the contractor of the RIGIPS company. The company is growing very quickly. Its main goals are the quality and customer satisfaction. Currently, the company employs over 20 people, which gives the opportunity to participate in large investments. The company works to create large facilities such as shopping centers, galleries, public and industrial facilities, as well as smaller projects. It operates throughout Poland.

Fire protection
shaft construction/ Rigips 3.50.20- Quantified performance level large congress part
Acoustic control
perforated ceilings RIGITONE fixed on a cross-shaped structure from CD 60 profiles / Rigips 4.07.21. GYPTONE BIG – rooms, exhibition areas
Excellent aesthetics
RIGITONE, 4PRO™ plasterboard after assembly in Q3 quality, GYPTONE BIG / Rigips 4.07.20 – restaurant, conference rooms
Indoor air quality
perforated ceilings RIGITONE fixed on a cross-shaped structure from CD 60 profiles / Rigips 4.07.21. GYPTONE BIG – rooms, exhibition areas

Key Achievements

  • Extremely high sound solution and all the project requirements were successfully met
  • High aesthetics thanks to the contractors’ workmanship excellence
  • All surfaces are finished in Q3 quality
  • Good relationship and cooperation within the team (contractor – RIGIPS technical department – support possible at any time)
  • Flexible delivery of materials for the construction
  • The contractor has a Rigips license – he knew materials and solutions perfectly so which the work went very smoothly and difficult challenges were quickly overcome

Key Challenges

In the design of the representative congress facility, the main challenge was to achieve high acoustic comfort in conference rooms of varying sizes and large congress hall. A very important criterion for the selection of materials was also an aesthetic appearance.
The executive challenge was: the precise layout of the gypsum plasterboard and it’s adaptation to the irregular shape of the rooms; Correctly determining the course and design of the dilatation, taking into account the unusual shape and very large surface of the ceilings and the execution of multilevel ceilings with extremely varied heights.


Building owner:
Podkarpackie voivodeship
Henryk Sobolewski House Design Studio
Main contractor:
FRB Michalski – Marcin Michalski
Przemysław Andruk
Saint-Gobain Team:
Marek Bieniasz