Lisbon 2018 | Non-residential

Hotel**** Arche Zamek Biskupi

PolandPolandCompany Name: Arche Sp. z o.o.

Project description

Hotel Arche is a complex of several buildings. The main part of the hotel is a modernised building of the Castle, which the walls are from the 18th century. The next buildings are newly built. Apartment complex and SPA area with swimming pool. Due to the adaptation of the 18th century building as well there were many types of attractions application. The interior designer sought the material, from you can make plinths in rooms of raw brick and concrete style. Cement-fibre board AQUAROC® has found new use with attention to appearance and durability. All plinths in the Hotel were made from this plate.


Arche Sp. z o.o.

Arche Group – Combines Contradictions The Arche Group was founded by the development of the Arche development company, which since 1991 has provided professional development services. During this time many interesting projects and investments were made. Among the best projects are: Albatros housing estate on Ursynów and Woronicz housing estate in Warsaw. More than 6000 houses and flats have been built. At present, the sale offer includes flats in Piaseczno near Warsaw and apartments in Warsaw in the prestigious districts of Wilanów and Mokotów, as well as flats and lofts in the estate of Tobaco Park and investment Matejki in Łódź. The Arche Group also has 8 hotels: Pałac Łochów, Sieniawa Palace near Rzeszów, Hotel Tobaco in Lodz, Biskupi Janów Podlaski Castle, Hotel Puławska Residence in Warsaw, Arche Hotels in Siedlce and Czestochowa, Hotel Apartments in Konstancin – Jeziorne. Apart from the development and hotel operations, the Arche Group manages a chain of kitchens behind the wall in Warsaw and the Siedlce Commercial Park. Arche’s projects have received a number of awards and distinctions in both the hotel and catering industry. 6499 – Houses and flats, 1 204 hotel rooms.

Fire protection
RIGIPS 3.40.05 REI 60 Hotel rooms
Acoustic insulation
RIGIPS 3.40.05 RA1 55dB Hotel rooms
Moisture resistance
RIGIPS 4.37.11, 4.05.24 Ocean SPA and swimming pool zones
Excellent aesthetics
RIGIPS 4.05.50, RIGIPS 4.70.05 – 4Pro, RIGIPS 3.37.012 Restaurant, attic, plinth
Indoor air quality
RIGIPS 4.07.80 Restaurant kitchen area

Key Achievements

  • Invention of a new solution – AQUAROC® cement-fibre slab received a new application
  • High aesthetics thanks to the contractors’ workmanship excellence
  • All surfaces are finished in Q3 or Q4 quality
  • Good relationship and cooperation within the team (contractor – RIGIPS technical department – support possible at any time) – that’s why construction limitations related to the renovation of the historic building and the implementation of the designer’s design were not an obstacle.

Key Challenges

Revitalisation of the historic building from 18th century required close cooperation of a conservator and all materials used had to meet specific requirements.
Reconciling the conservation vision with the implementation of such a complicated investment – very high aesthetic and quality requirements – combination of modernity and history while maintaining the original character of the castle – while maintaining the original character of the castle.
New application for the AQUAROC® cement-fibre board.


Building owner:
Arche Sp z o.o. – Piotr Grochowski
Szaroszyk & Rycerski Architekci Warszawa
Main contractor:
Arche Sp. z o.o.
Przemysław Andruk
Saint-Gobain Team:
Piotr Kaba