Lisbon 2018 | Non-residential

Hotel Hüttenhof

GermanyGermanyCompany Name: Trockenbau Veicht

Project description

The Hüttenhof is a hotel where the guests can indulge themselves with comfort and wellness as well as experience the wonderful Bavarian nature. Splendid views of green meadows and woods in the Bavarian Forest are combined with top accommodation for holiday hiking, wellness and health activities. The central purpose of the Hotel Hüttenhof is to inspire its customers to spend joyful, healthy and memorable days in their hotel. Therefore, it was enlarged in 2017 with a new entrance area and a new building, which is comprised of a 3.000 m² large spa and wellness area as well as 22 romantic suites with tranquil and cosy areas, snug beds, rain showers and whisper air pools. The new building has four floors and is connected with the new lobby via a passage. The focus on the interior work was on using sustainable materials like timber and plasterboard to create this cosy and comfortable ambience. The complete dry lining work in all areas was realised with Saint-Gobain Rigips systems.


Trockenbau Veicht

The company was founded in 1994 and specialises in drylining including wall, ceiling and floor systems. They install all kinds building materials such as gypsum plasterboards as well as timber, mineral fibre, clay and ecological products. Continuous training and annual instruction courses are very important to Roland Veicht and his eight employees in order to maintain the high level of craftsmanship, that his company offers. In 2010 they were the first Bavarian drylining company to receive the “Moderinisierungs Profi”- certificate for his specialisation in refurbishment.

Environmentally friendly
Rigips plasterboard tiles were used for their high sustainability
Smooth mecanical finish
Q4 surfaces in all areas with ProMix Finish compound
Moisture resistance
Rigips Glasroc H was used for the curved wall facing the corridor to the lavatories
Inspiring spaces
All areas were accomplished with the hightest level of craftsmanship to create the cosy and warm ambiance in the whole hotel
Moisture resistance
Rigips Aquaroc was used for the curved wall facing the swimming pool area

Key Achievements

  • Use of Rigips systems to achieve high technical requirements and the sustainability goal
  • Excellent quality of workmanship
  • Technical challenges of the various building technique appliances were solved on the building site
  • Perfect collaboration between contractor, architect and building owner as well as Rigips sales representative

Key Challenges

Curved wall in the wet area with manually incised Rigips C5 profiles and 2 x Glasroc® H 12,5 on the outer and 2 x Aquaroc® 12,5 on the inner face. The C5 standard of the incised profiles was maintained by applying an anticorrosive coating spray manually.
Ceilings of various shapes with lighting coves and ventilation ducts;
Hanging fireplaces;
Q4 surface quality;
Mounting of special fixing points for the swings in the relaxation area


Building owner:
Bayerwaldresort & Wellnesshotel Hüttenhof, Grainet
Feßl und Partner Architekten, Hauzenberg
Main contractor:
Veicht Trockenbau GmbH, Untergriesbach/Gottsdorf
Behrendt & Rausch Fotografie GbR, Kottenheim
Saint-Gobain Team:
Bernd Fischer