Lisbon 2018 | Non-residential

Hotel Palácio Tangará

BrazilBrazilCompany Name: Jota Wall Comércio e Serviços

Project description

Hotel Palácio Tangará employs a complex design with its curved and detailed walls and linings in prominent area such as lobby and ballroom. Different ceiling configurations were installed: from acoustics to curved ceilings. Several complex installations details were applied throughout the project. A reinforced auxiliary ceiling structure was used to adapt and fix the lightning devices and decorative parts. Immaculate finishing was one of the most important issues managed during the ceiling and walls installation throughout the hotel.


Jota Wall Comércio e Serviços

Jota Wall began its activities in 2001 to meet the growing demand for drywall in Brazil. Partner Placo since that time, has surpassed the amount of 7 million m2 of installed drywall boards. He specialized in large works such as malls, hospitals, hotels, corporate, commercial and residential towers, as well as special works such as stadiums, parks, data centers, etc. With specialized workmanship and active supervision, it meets clients with a high degree of exigency in challenging projects. It always works with standardized materials, maintaining quality in all works, always seeking excellence in its activities.

Moisture resistance
Moisture Resistance / MR Board Wet areas

Key Achievements

  • Jota Wall and Placo were created in the project phase, where we took the original project from the United States and made the specification of the typologies, and pre-budget for feasibility study for the client. During this period, several types of typologies were considered for cost-benefit.

Key Challenges

  • Specifications and typologies definitions for ceilings and walls
  • Compatibility between original project and local requirements preserving acoustics and aesthetics.
  • Partnership between Placo and Jotawall for product specification and installation detailing
  • Curved ceilings in specific areas (lobby and ballroom)
  • Installation schedule
  • Walls and ceilings finishing demanded for a luxury hotel
  • Perfect installation for acoustic performance


Building owner:
Juliano Farias
PAR Arquitetura
Main contractor:
Devair Pereira
Saint-Gobain Team:
Carlos Caruy