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Hotel QO Amstelkwartier Amsterdam

NetherlandsNetherlandsCompany Name: Kwakman Afbouw Volendam BV

Project description

In the Amsterdam Amstelkwartier arises a new hotel – Europe’s first LEED Platinum certified hotel. The highest quality standards apply to this 22 stories high, 289 rooms luxury hotel. This hotel is filled with durability innovations, e.g. self-supply in food production and energy. The vision of sustainability of the hotel resulted in four circular objectives for energy, water, waste and material use.


Kwakman Afbouw Volendam BV

Kwakman from Volendam is a family business that over the past 25 years has developed from a ‘hands-on’ pioneer to a leading overall interior and drywall specialist. Started in 1992 with the assembling of metal stud systems and acoustic ceilings, today one of the most dynamic, innovative and fastest growing drywall specialists in the Netherlands. Kwakman shifts accents to work preparation, is leading in BIM- and 3D-engineering and always seeking and stimulating sustainable cooperation with partners. Kwakman today comprises of complementary companies, each specialists and professionals in a specific area of interior design and drywall, thus covering painting, tiling, interiors, as well as grandstands and construction and finishing of drywall, floors and ceilings. Our team of 250 in total includes designers and stylists that can shape your interior: from design to turn-key project decoration. Each teammember a specialist – sharing one vision and our common target: delivering total solutions for drywall and interior.

Fire protection
Shafts 60 min
Moisture resistance
Heavy duty boards in bathroom areas
Acoustic insulation
Airborne sound insulation 47 dB for separation walls between rooms
Superior aesthetic and design
Smooth finishing Class Q4

Key Achievements

  • Extremely high assembly speed – the prefabrication resulted in the assembly of 5 hotel rooms per day
  • Close to zero waste
  • Carroussel system – close cooperation between all chain parties involved
  • Less physical labour for working staff on site

Key Challenges

Dust free building, with minimal material waste and with minimal logistics and transportation.
3D engineering of prefab assembly kit.


Building owner:
Amstelside B.V.
Mulderblauw architecten, Zoeterwoude/Paul de Ruiter Architects, Amsterdam
Main contractor:
Bouw- en installatiecombinatie TBI ondernemingen J.P. van Eesteren en Croonwolter&Dros, Gouda
Eyelike, Pieter Bas Doornebal
Saint-Gobain Team:
Stephan Vlaanderen, Wesley van Huizen