Lisbon 2018 | Non-residential

Hyatt Regency

IndiaIndiaCompany Name: HASHMATI INTERIORS

Project description

Hyatt Regency is a 5-star luxury hotel chain. They came up with 206 guest rooms including 17 Regency suites, flexible indoor and outdoor meeting spaces, Regency ballroom for conference, Party & marriage hall with High level of craftsmanship. All 206 guest rooms including meeting spaces, conference rooms, marriage hall are constructed with international standard acoustic comfort & fire safety.



HASHMATI Group of Companies has been engaged in the Construction Industry in India since 2007 under the banner of GP Interior from 1969. Since its inception, the Company has been involved heavily in the field of interior works and successfully completed over 200 projects all over India. These projects include: Residential and commercial buildings, luxury villas, high rise buildings, shopping malls, penthouses, schools, hotels, etc. The Company has about 70 well qualified staff and labor force of around 350 skilled & unskilled laborers. This labour strength can be increased whenever required through competent and professional Sub-contractors. The Company Head office is located in South Mumbai.

Fire protection
Fire rating of 60min & 120min was achieved at Shaft Wall, Guest Rooms & Corridor using FCB, Core Board, FR & FRMR Boards in wet areas..

Key Achievements

  • Shaft walls first of a kind in a T2 city of India.
  • Joint working by SG team & Contractor with Developer team from Design to Completion.
  • Sliding door solution using MS pipes with MR & Plain Boards for Toilet Areas
  • Performance beyond regulatory requirement (Fire rating – 2 hrs. STC – 52dB)
  • Optimum use of resources to reduce wastage & efficient site handover

Key Challenges

Drywall with 1 hour & 2 hour fire rating and STC of 52dB level was achieved which is in line with international standards.

Wet area being highly humid environment, Gyproc FCB were used and Shaft wall with 2hr Fire rating, Core Board, FR and FRMR boards was used to overcome the challenge.

On time completion was another challenge for the project which was achieved through careful planning of resources – man and material, as well as usage of DW tools for improved productivity.


Building owner:
Chartered Hotels, Mumbai
Chartered Hotels Pvt Ltd, Mumbai
Main contractor:
Irshad Khan
Saint-Gobain Team:
Abhishek Gindolia, Devendra Rai.