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Ibis Airport Hotel

Viet NamViet NamCompany Name: Gia An Phuc

Project description

Ibis Airport Hotel is a 3-5 star hotel built by Ha Do Group and managed by Accor Hotel Group. The hotel is near the Tan Son Nhat International Airport and offers 217 rooms, 65 serviced apartments and 10,000 sqm2 of office space. Ibis Airport Hotel has a unique modern design bringing a homelike atmosphere to the customers. The purpose of the hotel is to bring comfort to customers during their stay in medium-sized room space. To achieve the acoustic comfort, a large amount of drywall was applied in all room to room walls and internal bathroom walls.


Gia An Phuc

Gia An Phuc Trading and Service Co., Ltd is specialized in installing ceilings, drywall and interior decoration. Since its establishment in 2007, Gia An Phúc has focused on high-end residential, hotel and commercial sectors. Gia An Phuc is recognized for its high level of craftsmanship and installation skills. Gia An Phuc has been in corporation with Saint-Gobain for more than 6 years. Technical training and experiences are regularly exchanged by both Saint-Gobain’s technical team and its installation team.

Key Achievements

  • A typical project with successful early specification to change brick wall into drywall
  • Good cooperation between Saint-Gobain teams and contractor on site
  • Specific drywall solutions are designed for the hotel with certain performance of fire and insulation

Key Challenges

  • A big challenge for specification team to change the mind of owner to use drywall
  • Tough requirement from project owner with high standard for a 3.5-star hotel and limited budget.
  • How to achieve high sound insulation in a heavy traffic area.


Building owner:
Accor Hotel Group and Ha Do Group JSC
Ha Do Group JSC
Main contractor:
Ha Do Group JSC
Nguyen Duy Quang
Saint-Gobain Team:
Saint-Gobain Project sales team and Technical team