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NetherlandsNetherlandsCompany Name: Gepla BV

Project description

Ligne is the heart of the new multifunctional area in the Sittard city center. Amidst the city buzz, Ligne is the new meeting point for Sittard. It houses cinema, museum, shopping and educational facilities, with eye-catching architectural design. From scratch, Gyproc and Gepla were involved in the project design as members of the construction team. In this way the structural design, the extreme architectural design, the high-level sound insulation, sound absorption and the practical implementation were aligned in an early stage. Gyproc has engineered extensive technical advice for the combination of the use of plasterboard and gypsum plasters.


Gepla BV

Gepla BV designs and realizes sustainable interiors, with a strong focus on creating a pleasant environment for living, working, education, healthcare and leisure. We work by the turn-key principle: our main targets being to supply both added value and care-free service to our customers. Started in 1987, with our 30 years of experience Gepla offers the knowledge and technical know-how to translate the customers’ wishes and demands into a creative design – meeting the opportunities and demands set. Naturally with an eye for distinctive design and detail. In addition to our core activities of partition walls, ceilings and interiors our team will provide related services like painting, floors and tiling if necessary, cooperating with partners with a similar professional passion. At Gepla we work with short communication lines: one contact to ensure an optimal result. We truly believe in the ownership of our own staff and our enthusiastic team of over 100 professionals in total takes pride in propagating our core values (Professional, Reliable, Reward-oriented and Teamwork) every day.

Acoustic insulation
The sound insulation in the low frequencies has proved to comply with DnT, A = 58 dB (A) in the cinema sound spectrum
Acoustic control
High sound absorption in the cinema blobs by Ecophon acoustic ceilings and walls

Key Achievements

  • As advisors and co-engineers Gepla and Gyproc were part of the construction team.
  • The combination of plaster and plasterboard solutions with an extreme design.
  • High sound insulation in the lower frequencies.

Key Challenges

The extreme design of the blobs at high altitudes was the biggest challenge. With the combination of plaster and plasterboard solutions and a very detailed co-engineering between the architect, the main building contractor, Gepla and Gyproc it was realised.

Because it is used as a cinema room, the sound insulation in the low frequencies must be very high. After noise measurement, it proved to comply with DnT, A = 58 dB (A) in the cinema sound spectrum.


Building owner:
Zuyd Hogeschool
Jongen B.V.
Main contractor:
Jongen B.V.
Eric Smeets
Saint-Gobain Team:
Joyce Schreurs