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Mahatma Mandir

IndiaIndiaCompany Name: Buildmat Sales Pvt Ltd (TTPL Interiors Projects Pvt Ltd)

Project description

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the state-of-the-art Mahatma Mandir (Dandi Kutir), a museum on the life and works of Mahatma Gandhi in Gujarat’s capital of Gandhinagar. The complex site is spacious enough to handle swift movement of up to 15000 people. The convention hall has seating capacity of 5000 seats undivided with VIP viewing gallerias. Seven hi-tech conference halls and a modern meeting room. Three Exhibition halls with column free structure. The project is a sustainable structure of which the planning and design is done as per green construction technology.


Buildmat Sales Pvt Ltd (TTPL Interiors Projects Pvt Ltd)

BUILDMAT SALES PRIVATE LIMITED is a private limited Company incorporated on 2003. It is classified as Indian Non-Government Company and is registered at Ahmedabad.The company is involved into Construction of non residential buildings and maintenance.

Fire protection
Fire rating 0f 60min & 120 min was achieved at Partition walls
Acoustic control
STC level of 53dB & 60dB was achieved across museum.
Superior aesthetic and design
Q4 level finish was achieved across museum
Impact resistant
High level of impact resistance is specified at Partition walls

Key Achievements

  • For making curvature we had cut 2 flanges of Flooring & Ceiling Channel with cutting gaps ranging from 2 feet to mere 50 mm.
  • Studs spacing’s right from 610 mm c/c to 75-100 mm c/c at sharp curvatures.
  • For making Sharp curvature we had to cut one side of Fire Resistant Boards, Duraline Boards & Plain Plaster Boards ranging from 50 mm to 200 mm, and also adding water for smoorher curvature.
  • For making greater radius curves we bent boards by wetting the back side of board and applying load .

Key Challenges

Almost 85% of partition wall of both 123 mm & 200 mm are in curvature.

Only 15% partitions are straight.

Contractor team working have not executed any such curved partition in their past history.

Time bound project delivery within 5 months as the pressure of Vibrant Gujarat Summit was there.

Bending of 15 mm fire line board & 13 mm Duraline board to a minimum radius of 800 mm & 300 mm respectively.

Deciding stud spacing for radius of all types lesser than the standards of drywall.

Altogether approx. more than 3200 Sq. Mtr. of partition to be executed including 800 Sq. Mtr. of Twin frame partition.

Sharp curvatures of partition ranging from 300mm to 30Mtr. radius in 123mm partition wall and 800mm & 1000mm radius in 200mm twin frame partition.


Building owner:
R & B Department
Main contractor:
Minesh M Shah
Saint-Gobain Team: