Lisbon 2018 | Residential

Mokami Eco-Building

EgyptEgyptCompany Name: Design Firm Associate (DFA)

Project description

This project marks the first Energy Saving residential building in Egypt. The Eco-House environmentally friendly building is located in New Cairo. Eco-House is a residential building that can save up to 30% of the energy needed for the same residential building constructed by the traditional construction method used in Egypt. This is achieved through the use of efficient material, natural lighting, design improvements, light shelves, shading device, economic lighting solutions and the use of aerodynamics and calculation to utilize a wind catcher. The main objective is to preserve comfortable conditions for the resident occupants between 18⁰C-28⁰C with relative humidity between 50 % up to 75%, all while using environmental tools and creative design ideas custom to each resident.


Design Firm Associate (DFA)

Design Firm Associates is one of the most unique and innovative architectural firms in Egypt. Their work is varied from product designs up to urban master plans, offices and workplaces to private houses. Their strategy is centered around anwering questions like: How can it change lives? How can people affect it and vice versa? They want to touch the human needs and personal aesthetics to revive the true magnitude of architecture and reintroduce it to the public. One of their main concerns is the client’s satisfaction. They put into consideration the budget and the economy of the project, how to organize it, how to maximize profits and minimize losses. One of the factors they take into consideration while designing is the advertising and branding of the project to guarantee that our projects are delivered with a certain vision and message.

Term cost
Energy saving in the HVAC loads Using environmental friendly natural materials

Key Achievements

  • Our specification sales team approached the designer to penetrate the project through support to achieve the Eco-building overall concept.
  • Mokami Eco-building used Gyplast plastering for its thermal insulation properties which matched the project owner/consultant vision in reducing the energy cost.

Key Challenges

  • Energy saving in the HVAC loads
  • Delivering the project in very tight time frame
  • Using environmental friendly natural materials
  • Achieving the best ecological building with the same cost per m2


Building owner:
Mohamed Hamada Mohamed
Mohamed Hamada Mohamed
Main contractor:
Mohamed Hamada Mohamed
Walid Kamel
Saint-Gobain Team:
Maged Helmy – Projects and Specifications Senior Manager