Lisbon 2018 | Residential


BelgiumBelgiumCompany Name: Oldyck en Zoon bvba

Project description

Veltem’s wind mill, its origins dating from before 1600, played the role of a German radio post in the Second World War. Even with this impressive historical background, the building was neglected until new owners transformed it into their new home in 2015. The new design turned the mill in to a modern residence where a healthy environment, thermal comfort and modern luxury were perfectly balanced with original shapes and structural details. The once dark, unattractive and moist mill, became a modern tower of warmth, light and comfort. This was a spectacular transformation.


Oldyck en Zoon bvba

This company can rely on 7 generations of experience and know-how. Since 1841 the Oldyck family started working as plasterers. Oldyck & Zoon bvba was founded in 1956. The company is specialized in interior and exterior plasters and finishings (crepi, cement) and plasterboard walls and ceilings for both new buildings as renovations.

Interior thermal insulation
Interior thermal insulation according to strict demands of Belgian legislation: Isover Insulation Isoconfort 35, SGG Climaplus One
Moisture resistance
Gyproc X Pro, Plâtinum reveals, Gyproc WR boards and jointing products Plâtinum reveals around windows and WR products in bathroom walls.
Excellent aesthetics
Excellent surface-finish: Gyproc X Pro, Plâtinum reveals, No-Coat arches, PlaGyp D ceiling systems

Key Achievements

  • Good relationship/cooperation within the team
  • Experience
  • Being inventive and perseverance of the team
  • ProTeam experience

Key Challenges

  • Very uneven circular walls in bad shape and conical profile of the tower;
  • Creating a smooth plastered dome on the top level, while working around the original wooden supports of the roof;
  • Very restricted work space, difficult accessibility in the mill;
  • Creating even light coves in the ceiling on very uneven walls.


Building owner:
Elweic BVBA
Stefan Soenens
Main contractor:
Oldyck en Zoon bvba
Christophe Van Couteren
Saint-Gobain Team:
Wim Lambeets, Jurgen Kegels