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National Museum

SerbiaSerbiaCompany Name: ALP inženjering

Project description

The National Museum closed its doors to visitors 13 years ago, and last reconstruction was done 50 years ago. Now, its glow has returned thanks to main contractor KOTO and ALP inženjering company in charge of dry lining works. Both companies are specialised in reconstructions of cultural and historical monuments. The building was built as the State Mortgage Bank in 1903 and upgraded in 1933. After it was destroyed in World War II it was reconstructed and adapted into a museum in 1966. Today the building belongs to National Museum which keeps more than 400.000 archaeological artefacts and works of art.


ALP inženjering

Alp inženjering d.o.o. is a private company registered for the design and construction of high-rise buildings with a focus on the reconstruction of cultural and historical monuments. Through many years of professional and professional staff training, we have gained a lot of experience in works on cultural and historical monuments, which is crowned with the obtaining of “BIG LICENSE”, that is, the permission for the preparation of technical documentation and the execution of construction works on cultural goods of outstanding importance and their protected environments and cultural goods registered in the List of World Cultural and Natural Heritage and objects in protected areas, as well as facilities within the boundaries of the national park and facilities within the boundaries of the protection of protected natural goods of exceptional significance.

Productivity gain
All gypsum cornices were done in workshop on construction site in special made molds.
Superior aesthetic and design
To decorative elements made with Rigips Model Gypsum is given special attention and it represent the most striking detail of interior.
Fire protection
Fire resistant systems in archive and exibition area – ceilings EI30-EI90 and partition and shaft walls with 120min fire resistance.

Key Achievements

  • Good relationship with contractors
  • Working on project of general national significance. Great reference
  • Interior is fully renovated as it was designed by original design from last century
  • Good reference for model gypsum – interior full of decorative gypsum elements

Key Challenges

Museum is under protection of Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of Serbia which was reason for special restrictions regarding the interior design and choice of materials which would be used. It is pronounced for building of general national significance.


Building owner:
National Museum of Serbia
Zoran S. Jovanović
Main contractor:
Relja Ivanić
Saint-Gobain Team:
Vladan Ilić, Mina Milinović Balać, Igor Jošić, Marija Arsić