Lisbon 2018 | Non-residential

Production Complex Hutchinson

SerbiaSerbiaCompany Name: R inženjering

Project description

Hutchinson opened its first factory in Serbia in 2016. The production complex “Hutchinson” is located in Serbia in Industrial Zone of municipality Ruma. The total coverage of 9.000m² is divided in three sections: production section, administrative section and warehouse. The value of investment has been estimated at 7.300.000,00€. Hutchinson is operated by a global workforce of more than 35.200 employed at 96 facilities in 23 countries. Key features of the project are specially designed working and production place.


R inženjering

R inženjering was founded in 2004 as a daughter company of RITAM inženjering and as a logical consequence of development as demonstrated a clear need for specialization by company activities in order to provide better and more professional services to investors in grown construction market. Today, R ING is able to realise most demanding projects from acoustics to fire protection and from concept to final implementation. Fourteen years of work experience, technical equipment and a large number of projects are pledge for the challenges ahead, both local and foreign investors. Satisfaction in cooperation with R ING, guarantee for performed work and strict adherence to standards in work, are logically led to the position of one of the leaders in the domestic market in its field.

Acoustic insulation
Rigips systems with Isover wool in production halls and office area.
Fire protection
Rigips ceilings and partitions with Isover wool up to 120min of fire resistance.

Key Achievements

  • Good relationship and cooperation within the team.
  • Very good reference for industrial type of building.
  • Enabling superior technical support for architects and contractors with good recommendation for next projects.
  • Precise dynamic of deliveries due to short construction time.

Key Challenges

A particularly demanding section of the project was during the drywall installation. It was challenging to achieve the desired level of sound insulation fulfilling at the same time the fire resistance requirements for up to 90min for ceilings and 120min of fire resistance for partitions.


Building owner:
Studio Structura
Main contractor:
Studio Concept
Miroslav Ružić
Saint-Gobain Team:
Mina Milinović Balać, Vladan Ilić